High Rise Buildings

Recent events have brought to light the implications of ineffective passive fire protection and fire strategies. High-rise buildings present their own list of challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety of it’s occupants. Whereas most sites may have different strategies for different buildings that do not change in the event of a fire, high-rise buildings have different strategies depending on what floor you are on and where the fire is located.

The safety of the people located below as well as the people above the floor where the fire is located must be considered in the passive fire protection. Often products with a longer fire rating are required as evacuation or “Stay Put” procedures last longer.

The increased level of protection required goes hand in hand with an increased level of quality of installation of each element of the fire protection system.

Due to our quality of service and rigorous due diligence, Hydro-X Fire answers to the highest standards to ensure that your building is compliant with all legislations & Regulations required.

Hydro-X has experience working in high-rise buildings and the increased need for appropriate planning and understanding of the impact on occupants and residents.

All our engineers can provide a report which can be issue to you within 24 hours of the job being completed. This is due to our bespoke software that means Hydro-X Fire engineers can fill in the paperwork live onsite.

Our wide scope of works includes; Fire damper testing;- installations and replacements;- Fire stopping measures;- access door installations and Fire Door Inspections. This ensures peace of mind for you and everyone in your buildings.

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High rise buildings