Government Buildings

Hydro-X Air has the expertise to give you peace of mind and work with you to deliver a compliant air management programme to ensure all public sector staff and visitors to a building are working in a clean air environment.

We have years of experience of working within this sector and conforming to the highest security protocols. From Her Majesty’s Prison service to police and local government buildings, our staff adhere to the following:

  • High level of clearance and the security implications that it entails
  • Escorting procedures for the safety and protection of our engineers, your staff and all personnel associated with the site
  • Lockdown procedures including make safe and evacuate procedures

Our staff have experience in working in high risk environments from all industry sectors. This experience along with our in-depth RAMS procedures allows Hydro-X Air to adapt and overcome a wide range of site-specific risks in a safe and efficient manner.

Hydro-X Air offers the following services to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the occupants in the building:

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