Hydro-X Chemistry

Are developed and manufactured in the UK by Hydro-X just for our customers. Our unique blending facility allows us to tailor-make the right solution for you with surety of supply and speed of response when you need it most.

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How can our Water Treatment Chemicals help your business?

As the largest independent water treatment service and air compliance company in the UK we strive to be at the forefront of everything we do for our clients. Hydro-X has a state-of-the-art blending facility located at our Headquarters in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. The facility, which was revamped in 2019, allows Hydro-X to blend all their water treatment chemicals in house.

Having in house blending facilities it allows Hydro-X to tailor our offering to our customers needs ensuring our water treatments meet your business needs and drive operating efficiency for our customers plant and equipment. Hydro-X specialises in blending a variety of specialist water treatment chemicals for the following systems: effluent treatment; closed circuit treatment; cooling water treatment; steam boiler treatment; process water treatment; tray wash water treatment; and potable water system treatment amounts other systems.

Hydro-X chemicals are best used alongside our specialist dosing, monitoring and filtration equipment such as Hydro-Fil; Hydro-Net and Hydro-Safe. The team at Hydro-X has hundreds of years of experience in working with our customers to run their systems compliantly whilst also maximising their efficiencies. We work with our customers in strategic partnerships to achieve our customers goals in water savings, carbon emissions, energy consumption alongside other sustainable goals.

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