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As technology changes, Hydro-X remains at the forefront to help develop and deliver Commercial Water Softener solutions to condition your water to meet supplier and industry specifications.

How can Hydro-X help when it comes to a Commercial Water Softener?

We also provide comprehensive service and monitoring packages to drive optimisation, reduce energy and salt consumption and support cost reduction projects.

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Benefits of Commercial Water Softener Systems

Hydro X can look to provide a solution for your business irrelevant of location, whether you are in the south east, north west or any other area in the UK, we’re here to help you reduce operational costs. Your water supply needs to be running smoothly, and hard water could be preventing that. But what are the real, tangible benefits of using a commercial water softener?

  • Maintaining the system becomes less time consuming and the system becomes more durable (with a longer shelf life)
  • The infrastructure becomes more energy-efficient and green, there will be a noticeable difference in the amount of water used on the water meter (and therefore financially it helps in the long term)
  • Cleaning the system becomes less of a strenuous task for employees after a water softener is implemented, this duty is more practical and doesn’t affect the day-to-day running of the business as much as it did before
  • Soap scum becomes a thing of the past, as the amount of hard water is reduced, the soap scum doesn’t form as the ion exchange process begins to really take hold
  • Flow rates improve comprehensively, depending on the strength of the water softener and the size of the structure in place already
  • Limescale stops building to any degree that could potentially harm the operational aspect of the system. this stops overheating within the commercial water softener system, reducing the amount of insulation caused by this harmful deposit.
  • Pumping is reduced as they don’t have to work to the same levels as they would before, the pipework doesn’t affect the required volume of water to be put through the system

What is the Regeneration Process?

This process involves removing and ‘flushing out’ hard minerals, and is one of the more scientific elements of how a commercial water softener works. Salt water solutions (brine) are used to flush the water resin, which sends it down the drain. While it’s doing this, the minerals are being cleaned, and new water is softened as it arrives in the system.

From a technical perspective, sodium ions replace calcium and magnesium ions and this process (within a process) is known as ion exchange. For this to be truly effective, it does need to be done on a regular basis. When the next service cycle comes around, the solution should have cleaned the resin substantially.

The amount of times this method needs to be done, depends on a series of factors, including the size of the water system, its current efficiency level and the structure of the system. Hydro X can help with this and give essential advice with planning.

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