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The importance of health and safety in the retail industry

The retail industry employs more people than any other (for a private sector). There are approximately 3 million workers in the UK and it’s extremely diverse. But it’s not just employees that need to be cautious, anyone from the public on the premises need to be kept safe too! 

An array of different types of retail companies exist, each with different types of premises and employees. Because of the size and variance in the industry, health and safety risks are unique to each business while being comprehensively important.

That being said there are certain common factors which do apply to a large majority of those. Industrial warehouses, vehicles and heavy lifting feature in the operational day-to-day life of so many retail businesses. These all come with their own hazards. These may be obvious visual risks but treating your water properly is a very real health and safety concern. 

Health and safety in logistics

The logistics industry as a whole has been continuously improving and advancing when it comes to technology. Companies that distribute goods up and down the country relentlessly, must look inwardly still when it comes to protecting people’s health. 

Vehicle and transport safety largely remains the same along with manual handling of warehouse stock. The level of risk that can vary is mostly due to the geographical location and any potential threats nearby. Lorry/HGV drivers who travel to different locations must be wary of new risks, associated with particular areas.

How can the company Hydro-X help?

Productivity is key, and Hydro-X understands that efficiently designed water treatment programmes are key to sustainable manufacture and logistics.

The importance of a robust and compliant water solution that will withstand the most thorough of audits will reduce brand concerns around hygiene.

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