Process Engineering Disinfection Solutions

Across the developed modern world, safe, usable and drinkable high-quality water is something we can take for granted. This privileged on-premises access to a vital resource is still out of reach for up to 30% of the world’s population, which is why we at Hydro-X Engineering are so passionate about ensuring the water that is readily available and used, is done so in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. Mitigating as much wastage as possible.

Even within the modern United Kingdom, waterborne bacteria, viruses and dangerous pathogens can still pose a significant risk to human health. These impurities can be of increased risk to consumers when large quantities of water are stored on-site or distributed around buildings.

It’s vital therefore to ensure our existing and future customers are confident in choosing a future-proofed water disinfection method or technology to increase safety and efficiency. Whether protecting patients within a hospital, pupils at a school, or your in-house workforce and visiting clients. Bad water is not only bad for our health. It’s bad for business.

water disinfection solutions

Discover a cleaner, safer, healthier future with secondary disinfection for water systems

Secondary disinfection can help to maintain the microbiological quality of water systems, including potable water. By treating systems and storage units with Hydro-X Engineering’s bespoke designed and built continuous secondary disinfection and monitoring systems, the growth of potentially harmful pathogens and their associated worries can be a thing of the past.

This removal of pathogens not only creates safer drinking water, it can also create favourable process and financial outcomes by removing bacteria and microorganisms that can lead to Biofilm. This biofilm can create a natural ‘layer’ over time within pipes, tanks and water systems. Biofilm is a highly effective natural insulator. But an unwanted one. If left untreated within heating and cooling systems, this Biofilm insulation actually reduces efficiency and increases running costs. Not to mention increased under-deposit corrosion leading to pin holing and potential pipe failure. It’s another example of why we at Hydro-X Engineering work closely with you, our customers, to identify the sources and causes of water impurities and to advise on the most appropriate disinfection method.

Our modern approach to secondary water disinfection

Hydro-X Engineering’s industry-leading secondary water disinfection and monitoring systems are able to:

  • Reduce the risks associated with waterborne pathogens across a range of settings.
  • Manage risks within the context of a water safety plan.
  • Reduce costs by removing the need for expensive hyper-chlorination procedures.
  • Comply with stringent safety and industry requirements for treating drinking water.

Hydro-X Engineering’s secondary water disinfection and monitoring systems packages include:

  • Hydro-Safe, the game-changing chlorine dioxide generator.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems.
  • Chemical dosing systems.
  • Online monitoring systems.
  • Chemical dosage and control.

To support you through the rollout of these future-proofed systems, processes and recommendations, Hydro-X Engineering work collaboratively, openly and honestly with our customers to ensure that the secondary disinfection is achieving the required outcomes consistently through the life-time of the product.

This may include:

  • Water mapping – to give a more complete understanding of water systems.
  • Online monitoring systems – to collect and analyse distribution data.
  • On-site support – to create a collaborative and trusting ongoing relationship.


Future-proof the quality and safety of your drinking and process water. Request a callback from one of our team today…