Process Engineering for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry continues to be a vital contributor to the UK economy contributing over £15bn of added value to the UK’s GDP annually. The industry is our Country’s largest manufacturing export sector with exports of nearly £50bn each year. The growth in jobs has been an astonishing 11% in the chemicals sector and 10% in the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieving consistent, high quality purified water with Hydro-X Engineering’s robust solutions

Water is used extensively in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, from utilities (steam and cooling) to water as an ingredient, as a solvent in production as well as for cleaning and washdown.

There are different qualities of water required for different processes in the industry:

  • Non-potable water such as borehole water, which may be used for vehicle wash etc.
  • Potable water which may be used extensively for drinking, domestic water supply, and general washing etc.
  • Purified water, which may be used in production, as an ingredient in medication, as well as used as a solvent and for the preparation of chemicals etc.

Purified water comes in a variety of grades, and the production of purified water may include: filtration, deionisation, distillation, reverse osmosis and other membrane systems, ion-exchange, or Electro Deionisation (EDI).

The grade of purified water may be dictated by the application, and often must meet stringent external guidelines such as the European Pharmacopoeia. The purpose of purifying water is to control the chemical purity of the water as well as protecting against biological contamination.

Hydro-X Engineering, providing solutions to water usage in the chemical & pharmaceutical industry

The team at Hydro-X Engineering are experienced in the design, build, installation and validation of purified water production, storage, and distribution systems.

Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Filtration systems, bag and cartridge filters, as well as self-cleaning and back- washable filters.
  • Water softeners, commercial and industrial.
  • De-ionisation systems.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems.
  • Electro De-Ionisation (EDI) systems.
  • Pure water production, storage, and distribution.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) and Microfiltration (MF) systems, including spiral wound, submerged membrane, sheet and fibre systems.
  • Pumps, tanks, pipework, and automation.
  • Chemical dosing and control systems.


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