Process Engineering for Cooling and Chilled Systems

Efficient cooling and chilling is an essential part of energy transfer for multiple applications across industries and communities. Changing planetary temperatures have created a greater need for comfort cooling, while increased demand for consumer goods from growing populations requires robust process cooling procedures.

The key to consistent, sustainable and efficient processes within cooling towers, heat exchangers and cooling systems is high-quality water. It is their life-blood.

With the help of Hydro-X Engineering, our customers can be confident that high-quality water will minimise waste, while reducing any negative financial or environmental impacts.

Meaning you and your systems can concentrate on delivering the highest comfort, production or environmental standards without breaking a sweat.

Understanding unique cooling systems and complex microbiological environments

Because every cooling tower water treatment programme is unique, the challenge for many of our customers is understanding the innate complexity of cooling and chilled systems. It’s why our team at Hydro-X Engineering are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience of working with these systems, while helping to further educate you, our customers, at every step of the journey. Increasing your confidence and understanding of your cooling system, and the quality of your water supply.

It’s important for us to do this with you, because an effective cooling water treatment programme ensures safety and efficiency. We do this by keeping the water used in cooling systems in excellent condition, free of bacteria, and in a state where the risk of corrosion is minimal.

Water sources, including reuse water, and their levels of ions and microbiological populations vary between facilities. This is why cooling tower operating conditions, including temperature, sizes, flows, materials of construction, and process variation are different with every customer. And why our bespoke offering and hands-on experience with these incredibly important systems is so valued.

Keeping cool with Hydro-X Engineering

At Hydro-X Engineering, we are committed to working with our customers to not only reduce running costs of cooling and chilled systems, but also to reduce their environmental impact with Corporate Social Responsibility firmly in mind.

We do this with unrivalled water quality, maximising efficiencies, offering bespoke automated and remote monitoring tools, while implementing cooling tower bleed recovery systems to reduce waste sent to drain. As part of this commitment, Hydro-X Engineering has developed an industry-leading cooling tower bleed recovery system that recovers a portion of the bleed water to reuse as make-up water. Saving customers significant amounts of money by reducing the OPEX of cooling plants.

In addition, Hydro-X Engineering offers an innovative range of bespoke cooling system services and engineered products to complement chemical and monitoring programs for cooling systems. These include:

  • Packaged pre-treatment: water softeners, water distribution, and ion-exchange systems.
  • Chemical dosing and control systems, including remote chemical usage and level monitoring.
  • Biofilm and scale monitoring systems, linked to automatic dosing for live remediation.
  • Cooling tower bleed recovery systems, to capture and reuse cooling tower wastewater.
  • Cooling tower refurbishments and upgrades.

Identifying common cooling tower problems:

  • Biological contamination – microbial organisms thrive in cooling water systems and their presence can lead to increased corrosion, fouling, scale formation and heat exchange deposit faults.
  • Corrosion – commonly caused by the reoxidation of the metals from which cooling systems are constructed when exposed to water.
  • Fouling – often a by-product of corrosion, fouling can also be caused by external contaminants such as dust and other matter collecting around the system.
  • Scaling – scale deposits in cooling towers are often caused by insoluble minerals in the cooling water, including calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and magnesium silicate.


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