Service & Maintenance for Water and Wastewater Process Equipment

Service and maintenance, despite all of our best efforts and intentions, is often addressed when our bicycles, cars, ovens or washing machines develop a problem. It can be hard to act preventatively while everything seems as it should. And, then out of the blue, it’s time for an expensive repair or replacement when the unexpected happens.

Vital water and wastewater treatment systems across industries, services and communities are no different. And it can be a significant challenge to identify issues within bespoke, complex, sometimes hidden technologies, until it is too late. Resulting in time-consuming and costly repairs, negatively impacting you, our customers, and the services you provide to the wider population. It’s why at Hydro-X Engineering we were inspired to collaborate with our customers, to create new ways of working. Forging a modern approach to service and maintenance together, that will leave you feeling informed, confident and in control of your water and wastewater technology at all times.

water maintenance

Hydro-X Engineering’s commitment to safety, efficiency and longevity

This approach starts from our initial consultations and installations, where we ensure all parties are knowledgeable about the systems in place, including their usage, outputs and maintenance needs. Far from deploying a ‘fit and forget’ approach to installing these water and wastewater treatment systems, Hydro-X Engineering believes in developing on-going and long-term relationships with our customers. Making sure systems, products and technologies remain front of mind, in turn, increases safety, efficiency and longevity while reducing the risk of costly repairs and replacements.

We do this with a comprehensive service and maintenance offering, covering all makes and models of water and wastewater treatment equipment tended to by our industry-leading service engineers. We are confident their professionalism, passion and knowledge of your water and wastewater treatment equipment will turn what can be seen as tiresome maintenance calls, into a rewarding ongoing working relationship.

Hydro-X Engineering’s service and maintenance agreements

At Hydro-X Engineering, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a leading service and maintenance package to our customers. This includes:

  •  Competitive planned preventative maintenance contracts, with regular service intervals.
  • Preferential call out rates with 24/7 support from our excellent service engineers.
  • Critical spares stocking.
  • As part of our initial service visit, we will identify any single points of failure, or at-risk components as part of our comprehensive dilapidation survey and report.

If a repair is needed, future-proof yourself by working with Hydro-X Engineering

Hydro-X Engineering is here to help get your industrial treated water flowing again by providing a thorough and professional breakdown and repair service 24/7. Available for all makes and models of water treatment equipment, our service team will ensure your systems and processes are back up and running as quickly as possible. Our attention to detail and communication, paired with proven knowledge of technological and mechanical engineering will ensure all repairs and replacements are installed with longevity firmly in mind.  Hydro-X Engineering’s offering covers all makes and models of:

  • Filtration systems, bag and cartridge filters, as well as self-cleaning and back-washable filters.
  • Water softeners, commercial and industrial.
  • De-ionisation systems.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) and Microfiltration (MF) systems, including spiral wound, submerged membrane, sheet and fibre systems.
  • Pumps, tanks, pipework, and automation.
  • Chemical dosing and control systems (water maintenance)



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