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Water is a critical resource. We understand its storage, usage and recycling is a complex issue throughout our communities and industries where a ‘one size fits all’ approach rarely works. Inspired by a drive to do better, Hydro-X Engineering is an ambitious start-up, founded to deliver truly bespoke water management products and services that exceed expectations in an ever-evolving modern world. It’s this approach, delivered through the use of a wide range of proven technology, in-house expertise and our future-facing mindset that sets us apart from your average water company.

Our commitment to building responsible, sustainable and future-proofed engineering is guaranteed to mitigate costs, improve system performance and increase product longevity. All while reducing the use of precious H20 and energy. It means the work we do is not only beneficial to our clients. It’s beneficial to the wider community and the environment as a whole.

This pursuit for a more responsible and sustainable environmental future gets us out of bed in the morning. As does our passion for developing long-term relationships with our world-leading clients. Operating more as a collaborative and trusted partner rather than a third-party supplier, we help vital industries solve a variety of water and wastewater challenges in industrial and commercial sectors including; Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics, Data Centres, Distribution & Logistics, Facilities Management, and Healthcare, amongst others.

At Hydro-X Engineering, we work tirelessly to provide exceptional lifecycle value via robust products, best-in-class engineering excellence and innovative service offerings that deliver tangible results against productivity, efficiency and sustainability targets. As part of the Hydro-X group, Hydro-X Engineering is the modern choice to help solve the water challenges of the future.