Air Quality In Healthcare

Healthcare providers have a responsibility to ensure that the indoor air quality (IAQ) in healthcare facilities is up to standards and is well maintained. Indoor air pollution can have the potential to cause further health problems and is counter productive to the purpose of such facilities. Ventilation systems improve the air quality, helping to keep everyone safe and are used extensively across all types of healthcare premises to provide patients, staff and visitors a safe and comfortable environment.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind for you to deliver a compliant air hygiene management programme to meet the meticulous standards set out in HTM 03-01.

Hydro-X Air understands the need to take a sensitive approach for our clients when working in any healthcare premises to ensure that the dignity of all hospital staff, patients and the public are always maintained.

Our trained staff take a diligent approach to ensure that your staff and patients are not disturbed while we undertake these essential maintenance works. We place great importance in maintaining the dignity of patients present in any work areas

Our management team and engineers have a wealth of experience working in such environments and deliver each task in a timely manner. This experience along with our in-depth procedures allows Hydro-X Air to adapt and overcome a wide range of site-specific risks in a safe and efficient manner. They are also aware of the unique organisational challenges due to staff and patient movements and the importance of the hierarchy of command throughout the work process to minimise any disturbances to the daily routines.

Our staff are enhanced DBS cleared at the start of their employment to help assure their credibility.

Hydro-X Air takes pride in delivering its services to UK healthcare systems in an efficient manner a contribution to the safety and welfare of all occupants of the buildings maintained.

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