Ultralox 40®

ultralox 40 approved hypochlorous acid, the active form of chlorine that works as a biocide

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Introducing The Ultralox 40®: Effective in Eliminating Legionella & Other Microbes

The Ultralox40® is a solution of hypochlorous acid(HOCl), the active variant of chlorine. It holds approval for use in potable water and process water, and is also approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016.

This solution is well-suited for applications in water hygiene and pipework treatment, demonstrating swift effectiveness in eliminating Legionella and various other microbes. Notably, Ultralox is extensively employed in numerous NHS sites.

Key Features:

  • Colorless formulation
  • Suitable for domestic cold water systems
  • Suitable for domestic hot water systems
  • Low hazard composition
  • Breaks down biofilm under nominal operating conditions
  • Inhibits biofilm regeneration
  • Residual effectiveness against Legionella and Pseudomonas
  • Simple monitoring and dosing process
  • Capable of shock dosing
  • Functions as an emergency disinfection solution
  • Ideal for critical applications
  • Retrofitting for permanent secondary disinfection
  • Offers skid system control and dosing options (1 x 25Kg, 2 x 25Kg, or 1 x 200L)
  • Larger applications (>25m3/day) available


  • Enhanced safety with its colorless nature
  • Ensures water quality in domestic cold water systems
  • Maintains water hygiene in domestic hot water systems
  • Minimizes risks associated with hazardous chemicals
  • Effectively eliminates biofilm buildup in water systems
  • Prevents biofilm from redeveloping
  • Provides ongoing protection against harmful bacteria
  • Simplifies maintenance with easy monitoring and dosing
  • Swiftly addresses emergencies with shock dosing capability
  • Reliable solution for critical applications ensuring water safety
  • Offers a cost-effective alternative for permanent disinfection
  • Flexibility in dosing options to suit various system sizes
  • Scalable solution for larger water treatment needs

A Proven Performer

Hydro-X Water has recently supported SENCAT LTD and its client in meeting water hygiene compliance needs throughout their sites.

Ultralox® has been proven to reduce stubborn Legionella, TVC and Pseudomonas within weeks.

NHS Trust flowing safely with Ultralox

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