BG 50 – 2021 – What’s new

Hydro-X Water Treatment welcomes the Second Edition of BSRIA’s Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems – BG50/2021; Which, acknowledges dissolved oxygen (DO) as one of the key contributing factors to corrosion in closed systems and specifies real-time monitoring technology as the most effective way of reducing Oxygen-induced Corrosion.

The second edition of the guidance published 1st November 2021 has been significantly expanded to better reflect the improvements in online monitoring tools that have been commonplace amongst the District Heat network industry for several years.

Core messages throughout BG50 highlight the importance of Water Treatment Designers, Hydro-X have been working with system designers for several years to ensure the most effective technologies and chemical treatment programmes are included at the design specification stage. BG50 also relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of water treatment specialists as they recognise that every system is different and holding both new & old systems to arbitrary limits on metals is not the most efficient way to manage closed loop systems.

The introduction of continuous online monitoring equipment is key to expanding the use of these technologies throughout the industry, Hydro-X’s pioneering Hydro-Net multi-parameter water quality monitor for networks is our approach to smart sensor technology, with amazing capabilities. Through a modular approach to the collection of water quality data. The Hydro-Net allows ‘no compromise’ continuous measurement of all the main water quality parameters you need to measure in water system networks. Ideal for highly critical closed systems such as district heating and cooling networks; Data centre cooling; High criticality production and many more.

The guidance also contains much more information on the types and causes of issues affecting closed loop systems, including scaling, corrosion, and biofouling with useful real word case studies to show the impacts these problems can have.

The best practice shift to complete management of water systems from hand over through comprehensive water management plans, including initial twice weekly sampling to BS 8552 standards, will ensure systems are handed over correctly and operate efficiently throughout the lifecycle of the system.

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