Bifi-Pro Copper Silver Ionisation Unit

Eradicate Legionella With Bifipro Copper Silver Ionisation

Hydro-X Water Launch The Bifipro Copper Silver Ionisation System 10th April 2024

Bifipro – A Launch Day To Remember

The 10th April 2024 marked an incredible milestone in Hydro-X Water’s journey as we launched our new Copper Silver Ionisation secondary disinfection system – the Bifipro.

This has been 2.5 years in the making and a combined effort working with our business partners from Holland (Holland Water) where we now have exclusivity within the UK for the supply installation and servicing of this unique product.

Gary Sewell our Managing Director would like to say “thank you to our friends from Holland Water for their participation in the launch along with Kevin Morten and his team of regional managers, account managers who took time out of their busy schedules to dedicate the time to this new product which is a game changer, ensuring legionella control is maximised.

Special mention to Adam Griffith MWMSoc who has worked tirelessly on this project!

I can honestly say, that over my 35 year career in water treatment, I have never been prouder of such a magnificent team and very much look forward to celebrating our success”.

Our Business Partners Holland Water

The Bifipro Copper Silver system is the flagship system of Holland Water who have over the past 20 years refined and perfected a product which yields outstanding customer results. This system is smarter, safer, cost effective all in a sustainable manner.

Holland Water were founded in 2003 and became a pioneer for water technology.

Over 2.5 years ago Adam Griffith and the Hydro-X Water team began to discuss utilising the fantastic secondary disinfection solution.

As of today we are delighted to exclusively offer the Bifipro which offers the following benefits:

  • Utilises natural antimicrobial properties of copper silver ions
  • Targets and eradicates legionella and other waterborne pathogens
  • Low maintenance, cost effective and environmentally conscious
  • Specifically suited to treat large complex water systems and various industries
  • Temperature stable biocide control and residual protection
  • Ensures workplace safety through the elimination of COSHH risks

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Our account management and installation team are well versed in the latest secondary disinfection system that will revolutionise the water industry.

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hydro-x water launch the biffipro copper silver ionisation system

The Hydro-X Water Team at The Copper Silver Launch