Addenbrookes Hospital Fire Damper Testing

Addenbrooke’s Hospital is a part of the renowned Cambridge University Hospitals, one of the largest NHS Trust in the UK. The hospital works to deliver high quality service through the values of kindness, safety, and excellence. It is committed to ‘improving people’s quality of life through innovative and sustainable healthcare.’

Hydro-X Air has years of experience within the industry, inspecting and maintain fire dampers to industry standards (BS9999, HTM 03-10 and HTM 05-02). Management have experience in large scale project initiation and mobilisation in the health sector.

The Challenge

As part of the hospital’s safety value, Hydro-X Air was tasked with inspecting and maintaining the fire dampers throughout the system (excluding specified motorised dampers). Addenbrooke’s Hospital wanted to ensure they are staying on top of compliance, health, and safety measures to be able to continue the provision of high-quality healthcare services.

The Solution

Hydro-X Air’s team worked closely with all the relevant stakeholders of Addenbrooke’s Hospital to ensure the project was delivered successfully. Taking into account the size of the site (with over 2000 fire dampers), the service provided by the customer and the impact of the coronavirus, the Hydro-X Air team devised a flexible and customised approach to ensure delivery of the best results.

Inspection and Remedial Works

A dedicated engineering team was assigned to site with additional holiday cover for continuity. Daily report sheets were completed, and any urgent issues reported to the client.


Effective and responsive communication from both parties throughout the project was very critical, especially at the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Changes to working areas was quickly communicated by the client to ensure the safety of engineers.


Reports were submitted for each building within 24 hours of work completion, including any remedial works identified.


Real-time live tracker to make monitoring and management quick and easy.

Value Added

The thoroughly inspected and well-maintained fire dampers with real-time tracking, give Addenbrooke’s the confidence and peace of mind to continue in the delivering of its core services without compromising on compliance, health, and safety of its stakeholders.

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