Addenbrookes Treatment Centre

Addenbrookes Treatment Centre is based in Cambridge and provides emergency, surgical and medical services for this area. It is a centre for specialist services and is able to deal with rare or complex conditions due to its modern facilities. The site can also offer regional specialist services for organ transplants, cancer, neuroscience, paediatrics and genetics.

The Challenge
Hydro-X Fire was tasked with inspecting and maintaining the fire dampers throughout the various supply & extract systems at Addenbrookes treatment Centre, part of Addenbrookes Hospital. There was no clear evidence that these dampers had been tested in accordance with BS9999 in the past.

The Solution
Using schematic drawings provided by site, Hydro-X Fire put together a proposal to attend site and test fire/smoke dampers that had been listed on the drawings. This was to be completed during normal working hours and then moving to out of hours for sensitive areas.

Along with the daily report sheets, testing was aided using a dedicated live tracker system. Hydro-X was then able to track how many dampers where being tested daily and what issues the engineers were finding on site in real time. This was shared with the client for the duration of the project and has aided in providing the client with an up-to-date register for their fire dampers. This also ensured any urgent issues were reported to the client on the day they were found.

Value Added
Upon the completion the client now has an in-depth and up to date report for the fire dampers throughout the hospital, which also includes all remedial actions. This gives the client a better understanding of the fire dampers in their systems and highlights any areas of concern.