Equans – Fire Damper Inspections


Equans UK & Ireland are an autonomous business within ENGIE Group and operate with their own management team and operating structure. Their focus is on Facilities Management (FM) to accelerate growth and service performance.

Once a month our Account Management & Business Development Teams have a dedicated Calls Day to strengthen existing relationships with clients and develop new ones. On one of these dedicated days our Account Manager contacted the National Compliance Manager for IWG who presented them with an opportunity for Fire damper inspections across 19 of their sites.


The first major challenge that we faced was the deadline. Equans were keen to have this project completed for their client by the end of February at the very latest. This provided a logistical challenge for us, as we had to make sure we had enough engineers available in the correct areas to achieve this.

Due to this being a larger contract, we also had to find the most effective way of managing all 19 sites within the same database. We were keen to do this as it would ensure maximum efficiency for us and for Equans throughout the project. These sites were spread out throughout the UK so would require a significant amount of communication between the engineers, account manager, and site contacts to make sure this all went smoothly


During our time on site, we made sure we had weekly meetings with the client. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the progression of the project with them and informing them of the next 1-2 weeks’ worth of works. It would ensure that our client could assist us in checking the relevant sites were ready to have our engineers attend to help minimize the disruption to their offices.

The regular communication not only resulted in us completing the project within the narrow timeframe we were initially given, but it also resulted in us successfully implementing our live tracker into all 19 sites. This allowed us to develop accurate asset lists for each site which could all be stored one on system to make it easier to use and maintain.

Value added

The live tracker helped us to combine their sites onto one system. It also meant that we were able to document any issues we found and include any recommended remedial actions within the tracker. This meant that Equans had an overview of the status of all of their fire dampers in one location across all 19 of these sites for ease of use.

In addition to this, the account manager made sure to mark each fire damper onto the floor plan. The updated floor plan helped Equans to maintain an accurate record of where each damper was located. Not only did this help the client, it also ensured future contractors were aware of the fire dampers


If your fire dampers are in need of inspection and testing, contact us now to benefit from our live tracker system too