Filton Golf Club is a prestigious club situated on the outskirts of Bristol with history dating back to 1909. The club offers its members a beautiful 18-hole golf course and a great place for eating out.

The Challenge

Over the past several years, Filton has had several catering managers and a change in secretary which have sometimes been on top of their annual extraction clean, but more often it has been missed.

Due to this, this canopy and grilles have had a large level of grease build up in the system, which was occasionally causing drippage onto the floor and hot equipment below.

With this being the situation, as well as the use of the kitchen being relatively constant and the kind of food being cooked in there, this caused an issue in regards to the fire safety, as well as the cleanliness and hygiene levels in the kitchen.

The Solution

Hydro-X representatives had been in to view the system in question a few times over the past 2 years and had seen it get progressively worse upon each visit.

After getting in touch with Phil Donkin (Club Secretary) in October and reintroduce Hydro-X Air, we asked if the system had been cleaned in the past 12 months. When we were told not, it was agreed to meet Phil on site and to conduct an investigation and look at the system.

Upon carrying out the survey, our representative noted that there were large amounts of built up grease, not just directly in the exit ports of the system, but also along the ducting that was visible.

It was advised that the best course of action would be to get one of our teams in to conduct a full TR19 Grease accredited deep clean of the extraction system, which we would complete over one shift.

This work took place and all of the system that was accessible was cleaned.

It was noted in the report that there are issues with access, but this can be remedied with installation of potential scaffolding to make work on the roofing safe.

Value Added

After completion of service, the post clean report showed all areas where improvements could be made as well as proving to the customer and their building insurers that the kitchen has been cleaned to a TR19 level. This makes Filton Golf Club compliant with their insurance company, but also has made the kitchen cleaner and more hygiene place for the staff to work and for the customers food to be prepared.

Dirty kitchen extract
Clean kitchen extract

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