London Borough of Haringey – Vent Hygiene Assessments & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Many public sites across the London Borough of Haringey are key to local communities, cultures and groups of all ages, one of them being the Maya Angelou Centre named after the influential American civil rights activist. Due to these buildings being used so often, it is vital to ensure the employees, visitors and any parties in these buildings have a safe public environment to use. Hydro-X already had an existing relationship with the council as they worked with Hydro-X Water on various projects so after many positive experiences they asked Hydro-X Air to help them test their air flow


Throughout the pandemic, there has been an increased focus on air flow within buildings from building owners and the public. The government also introduced mandates and requirements regarding CO2 monitoring within schools and other significant public areas. This meant that the timescale on delivering our services was of significant importance to the client. From the numerous meetings that were conducted between our team and the client, there was an increasing concern and demand to ensure the quality and quantity of air being delivered to public spaces was to the required levels across all 14 sites that the council is responsible for.


With the assistance of our PST team and the efficiency of our engineers and account managers, all the Indoor Air Quality monitoring and VHA’s across the 14 sites were able to be carried out over a period of ten days using specialist equipment.

Our services were carried out during normal operating hours, as it was important that the samples that were taken were representative of everyday use so we could judge the typical air flow within the building and how it moved over time to provide the most accurate solutions to the council.

Value added

On completion of the project and a formal review of the Post-Inspection Reports carried out by our Technical Team, the results were sent to the council. The results also included images of each AHU where samples were taken, with references to each specific unit and system. Recommendations were also made to ensure the systems were adequate for use. Some of the most common recommendations that are included in our reports are; replacing Bag Filters, replacing fan belts, and carrying out cleaning to TR19 standards.


If your ventilation systems haven’t been checked in a while and they need an inspection, contact us to arrange a discussion about how we can help you and your site

System installed upside down
System previously installed upside down
Medium levels of contamination within water system
Medium levels of contamination within the system