Delivering excellent ventilation and fire damper services for Harrogate District Hospital


Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust provides quality healthcare services to Harrogate and its local area, as well as across North Yorkshire and Leeds. As part of the hospital’s mission, ‘to be an exceptional provider of healthcare’, Harrogate District Hospital partners with Hydro-X Air to help provide quality ventilation hygiene cleaning, and maintenance. 

The Challenge

With the constant and excellent around the clock care the hospital needs to provide, undertaking essential ventilation modification works, fire damper drop testing and fire damper maintenance have to be well-coordinated and delivered in a timely manner. 

The Solution

Hydro-X Air works closely with the estates and facilities managers across Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, as well as in-house ventilation and fire AP’s. The team works flexibly to deliver essential compliance services effectively, with little to no distraction to the provision of services in the hospital. 


Reports are submitted for each building within 24 hours of work completion. This includes any remedial works identifies and any information that needs to be brought to the client’s attention. 

Value Added

With so much demand and pressures on healthcare services, the partnership between Harrogate and Hydro-X Air means not only are the hospital’s systems well looked after, but also time saved to focus on core business by making a comprehensive and easy to read report swiftly available. The team at Harrogate do not need to chase compliance reports and any advisory is clearly highlighted with appropriate recommendations.

With Harrogate’s strong focus on delivering ‘excellence every time’, Hydro-X Air supports the trust to alleviate a host of their compliance needs through a single trustworthy and reliable partnership.

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