Improving efficiency & longevity in a chilled loop system


Hydro-X have a long-standing relationship with a Facilities Management company that looks after sites all over the UK and Ireland.

One of the sites we look after as part of our contract is a site in Edinburgh city centre and we look after the testing on their Chilled and Heating Loop Systems and their Domestic Water Sampling


As part of our contract for this site, we took samples (in accordance with the BSRIA standards) of the water from their Chilled Loop System. Once these had been tested, we found elevated levels of iron and suspended solids within the water. These contaminants can cause significant problems with the longevity of these systems as the solids can cause damage to all aspects of the system as it’s carried around by the water.

Another problem that was highlighted at this site was the poor quality of the dosing pots. These pots had faulty valves and appeared to be getting regularly blocked, which resulted in the system not being dosed at all.


When we relayed these issues to the client, we suggested they install our Hydro-Fil side stream filtration system. As well as removing the high trace metals and suspended solids, the Hydro-Fil system could also complete the dosing of the system, thus eliminating the need for the faulty dosing pots.

Further to this, we also conducted training with several on site operatives to routinely change the filter bag to ensure the ongoing effectiveness and increase the longevity of the Hydro-Fil system.

Value added

As businesses seek to gain a competitive advantage during a time of spiraling prices, the client was particularly pleased that the Hydro-Fil system improved the efficiency of their Chilled Loop system and reduced their spend on water. The system had the additional benefit of reducing the amount of unscheduled downtime that the system experienced, meaning the processes of the business didn’t need to be interrupted and cause a potential loss of revenue.

The Hydro-Fil system also allowed the chemicals to be safely dosed into the system, which meant there was less chance of any damage being caused to individuals should any chemicals be spilled.

Chilled Loop System - Case study image
Chilled loop system case study image 2