Russell’s Hall Hospital Case Study


Hydro-X Air initially met with contacts at Russell’s Hall Hospital in July 2020 to discuss the need for fire damper testing on site for over 2,500 fire dampers. After initial discussions regarding the service Hydro-X Air could provide and our reporting functionality, the hospital decided to work with another contractor despite being impressed by our live tracker and daily report. However, halfway through the project – the hospital got back in touch to see if Hydro-X could take the project back over, as the reporting they were receiving was lacking in information.

The Need

When making contact to take the project back over, it was deemed that Hydro-X would have to go through all of the documentation that had been already filled in to input into our live tracker.

At this stage, Hydro-X ensured that it was understood how many dampers still needed to be tested and the areas that work needed to take place so that the expectations were set for the customer.

The solution

When Hydro-X started working on the project, we ensured that at least 25-30 fire dampers were tested per day and that daily reports were being submitted to the customer via email so that they were always kept in the loop regarding progress being made.

The live tracker was also utilized effectively so that the customer had real time information about what was being completed and what areas of the hospital that were being worked in.

As soon as the reports were completed, Hydro-X made sure that remedials were highlighted to the customer as well as quoting for said works, with the project for remedials starting in September 2021.

Value added

The most important thing to the customer in this project was clear and concise reporting that could be easily followed. This was implemented effectively and helped the customer get a thorough understanding of the state of their fire damper systems, which had been a problem that had been causing issues for the works department for a significant time.