Jeanette Wallace House Case Study


Jeanette Wallace House (JWH) is the main HQ for South London & Maudsley NHS. An 8-storey office block in Croydon with clinic rooms on the first two floors. based in Croydon and specialises in Community mental health.

We work alongside SLAM to ensure ventilation hygiene and fire safety compliance.

The Challenge

The main challenge that we faced was having to carry out the Fire damper testing and any required remedial works in an active workplace where vulnerable people are being treated and ensuring we minimised the disruption to the operation of the site.

The fire damper remedials were required for the building to comply with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Section 17 that stipulates that all fire protection systems and elements of fire compartmentation should be subject to routine maintenance to ensure that they are in good working order.

The Solution

Despite these challenges, we were able to schedule the required works at times that would cause the minimum amount of disturbance to the site, while also ensuring we could keep to the tight deadline that had been set.

This success required great communication from our operations team and the site contact to ensure this all ran smoothly and to the schedule that had been agreed.

Value Added

During our time at the site, we were able to swiftly identify non-compliant fire dampers within JWH. When these were all identified, we presented the information to the client along with the required remedial works to ensure the building could be compliant with the relevant fire legislations and could ensure the safety of everyone within the building.

Once these had been identified and the client had been informed, we were able to proceed with the required remedial works to ensure the building is now fully compliant and in line with the legal standard (BS9999)