Milton Keynes Hospital – Fire Damper Replacement


Milton Keynes University Hospital opened in 1984 and is a district general hospital serving Milton Keynes and the surrounding area of north Buckinghamshire, south Northamptonshire, and north-west Bedfordshire.

Hydro-X Fire have undertaken a significant amount of work within various hospitals and other healthcare settings, and we welcomed the opportunity to take on our latest project within this sector


Hydro-X Fire were tasked with replacing 2 fire dampers located in the Theatre extraction systems. During the most recent testing, also carried out by Hydro-X, it was found that the dampers had become faulty and would not close when tested as the springs in the damper were broken. Due to the dampers being in the ductwork It is important to get them checked regularly as it is harder to monitor any signs of improper function because they are out of sight.

Fire dampers are an essential part of the fire safety plan for any building, but especially so within a hospital. These crucial passive fire safety measures help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building should a fire break out. The dampers can also get clogged with dirt, dust and debris as it passes through the ductwork, which can impair the function. Read our page on fire dampers and testing requirements for more information.


Our engineers completed an initial survey to measure the ductwork, check the size and style of damper, and to establish the condition of the fire dampers to see if they could be repaired or if they would have to be completely replaced.

Once we had established the condition of the fire damper, we realised it was necessary to replace both fire dampers rather than repair them. As this ductwork is connected to a theatre extract system, we had to ensure the work was completed out of hours so that the theatre schedule wasn’t impacted.

To maintain the integrity of the fire wall and to make sure the damper would be as effective as required, we also had to replace the fire stopping around the ductwork. This is a seal around the ductwork where it passes through walls, floors, and ceilings. This is just as important as the fire dampers at preventing the spread of smoke and fire as anything incorrectly sealed will compromise the entire fire compartment and allow smoke and fire through to other areas of the building. This was able to be completed by our specialist fire stopping engineers so it can be installed to the standards required by the relevant legislation (BS9999)

Value added

Upon completion of our works, we drop tested and reset the new dampers to check they were fully functional. A full photographic report was also provided to the client to prove the work had been carried out and tested.

The client was happy that these had been replaced and they could enjoy peace of mind that this area of the hospital was safe and compliant once again.


If your fire dampers haven’t been checked recently, they may need replacing, contact us to arrange for our engineers to inspect all of your dampers