Mould & IAQ Survey Following Basement Flooding

The dangers of mould


Mould thrives in various indoor settings, infiltrating buildings and homes effortlessly. It flourishes in environments abundant with moisture, often colonizing areas adjacent to leaks in roofs, windows, pipes, or locations struck by flooding. Further to this, the presence of mould can bring with it health risks and complications to those working or living in its vicinity.

Hydro-X Air has recently worked with a leading high-street retailer in the Midlands region to provide a range of indoor air quality and mould surveys following a flood in the store’s basement.


After the basement of the town center store experienced flooding, the client observed mold and fungi growth, coupled with noticeable dampness creeping from skirting boards to plasterboard. Due to this, staff were cautioned against entering the area—largely a storage space. If access was necessary, improved ventilation was recommended. As a result, the space remains unusable until surveys and remedies are completed.


Hydro-X Air specialises in the meticulous surveying of indoor air quality, an essential step in pinpointing issues prior to rectification. In response to significant dampness stemming from the flooding, we initiated air surveys. The report prominently featured temperature and humidity data, crucial in revealing prevailing airborne moisture. Our team also performed dust and airborne microbiological sampling.

The completed report underscored elevated Total Viable Count (TVC) measurements for active airborne mould, exceeding 1000 CFU’s per cubic meter. Humidity levels surged to 80%, while skirting board readings marked 75%+, both indicating considerable dampness.

Value added

After thorough analysis and compilation of our survey report, the retail store finds itself in a significantly better position to proceed with the necessary steps for effective remediation. The comprehensive insights gleaned from our team’s meticulous survey equip the store with a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing issues. 

Armed with this knowledge, the store can confidently embark on the path toward rectification, with a clear roadmap to address the identified concerns comprehensively.

If your premises is struggling with mould and damp it is likely that you are putting either yourself or those working or living in the premises at risk of respiratory health complications. Our expert team offer nationwide coverage with many of the team specialising in indoor air quality surveying.

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mould growth stemming from skirting boards into the plaster