Inspection & Testing Project For 200+ Fire Dampers

fire damper inspection and testing


Hydro-X Air are responsible for a number of fire safety requirements at a large Southern based business campus which is made up of c375000 sq ft of dynamic, intelligent and wellness-focused workspace.


Hydro-X Air was tasked with carrying out the inspection and testing of over 200 fire dampers located within the various supply and extract systems in accordance with BS9999. The building was in the process of refurbishment when the works where carried out.


Hydro-x Air carried out a site visit to begin with to check and confirm the work areas where safe and accessible due to the refurbishment work. Once satisfied, attendance dates where confirmed with the client. Due to the length of time the engineers would be spending on site, a dedicated projects manager was assigned to assist the day to day running of this job and liaise with the client & account manager with updates.

Testing was aided using a dedicated live tracker system. Hydro-X Air and the client where able to track how many dampers where being tested daily and what issues the engineers were finding on site in real time.

Value added

The client was provided with a fully photographic report upon completion of the testing. The report highlighted the total amount of passed and failed fire dampers within each core of the building and remedial actions where highlighted. Since testing has been carried out, Hydro-X Air have carried out various remedial works on the fire dampers located at the campus and have also been awarded the renewal contract for 2023-2024.