Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Kings Lynn NHS Foundation Trust


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital aims ‘to be the best rural District General Hospital for patient and staff experience’.

Case Study:

The Need

Hydro-X Fire was tasked with inspecting and maintaining the fire dampers throughout the various supply & extract systems for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The customer needed a reliable and flexible provider to deliver effective compliance solutions in line with their mission.

The Solution

Hydro-X Fire’s team worked with the relevant site contact at Queen Elizabeth Hospital to ensure the project was delivered successfully and on time. Inspection and Remedial Works A dedicated engineering team was assigned to site. Daily report sheets were completed, and any urgent issues reported to the client on the same day.


Using a dedicated live tracker system, Hydro-X was able to track how many dampers where being tested daily and what issues the engineers were finding on site in real time. This was used to create an up-to-date register for the fire dampers, as well as all remedial actions needed.

The Result

With a reliable and up-to-date system in place, the client has a better understanding
of the fire damper systems and a clear visibility of their performance.