Reading Hexagon – Ventilation Cleaning


The Hexagon is a multi-purpose theatre and arts venue in Reading, Berkshire. The building is unique in its design and dates to 1977. It is a popular location for various art events and as such health and safety compliance is critical.

The Challenge

Due to the heavy contamination that was found upon initial surveys it was clear the system was in a poor condition and hasn’t been cleaned in many years, this posed a risk to the efficiency of the ventilation system

As part of Reading Hexagon’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its staff and customers, Hydro-X Air was tasked with the cleaning and decontamination of the supply and extract ventilation system throughout the building to comply with BESA TR19 BESA TR19 Guideline – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems & BS EN 15780 which provides benchmarks to define cleanliness and dirtiness.

The Solution

The Hydro-X team worked closely with the team at Reading Borough council to ensure the cleaning of the supply and extract system was delivered successfully and on time. Communication was played an important role in the effective delivery of services. The team held regular virtual meetings and provided daily service reports to ensure that works were carried out to a high standard.

Value Added

With good ventilation being an essential contribution to safety and confidence, The Hexagon and RBC have the peace of mind to channel their efforts into the core business; delivering top-class performances in a safe and compliant environment.

Completing the clean of the ventilation system in full we will help to keep the hexagon open, people on stage , and most importantly a safer and compliant building within current regulations.