Recycling water in breweries

There has long been a resistance from the industry to recycle water used to wash the kegs that store the final product. In the last few years, we’ve noticed a shift in the conversations we’ve been having with companies from this industry and we’ve been able to share our expertise in this area to help them save water and money.

However, like all industries, companies within the brewing industry are looking for ways to save money on the running costs without having a negative impact on the final product. As a result of this, breweries are being increasingly careful about how they use the water they buy from the water authority and how much of it needs to go down the drain.

The main challenge we sought to tackle was the washing of the kegs. After the kegs have been used, they would be thoroughly cleaned before their next use. The water that was used would typically travel down to a collection point, where it would either be treated or sent to the local authority. The company would then have to pay a significant amount of money to get rid of the wastewater.

However, there is now an option for us to collect the water used for Keg washing and through a process of filtration and disinfection, this water can be reused. Previous Disinfection technologies always posed a problem due to it tainting the taste as well as odour problems, so this was always the challenge and as a result a reluctance to do this.

Hydro-X have now changed this mindset, by designing a world game changer in the generation of Chlorine Dioxide, “Hydro-Safe”. The Hydro-X Hydro-Safe Chlorine dioxide generator is capable of producing Chlorine Dioxide at >98.8% conversion reaction efficiency and then stabilizing the reaction to prevent the unwanted build up of Chlorite.

Since we resolved the issue of delivering Chlorine Dioxide without any by-products, it has allowed businesses from these industries to reuse their wash water. This has also allowed us to deliver water saving recycling processes throughout the food and beverage industry. As a result of these improvements, these industries can now reduce the amount of water they are using throughout the process, reduce their total cost of operations, and provide a competitive advantage.

Hydro-X continues to invest in innovation and combines its offering with design and manufacturing, supply, and installation via Hydro-X Engineering. A total turnkey solution to water treatment. Aligning a corporate strategy with our business partners.

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