Royal Buildings – Contaminated Heating System


Royals Buildings is a 4 storey Multi-Tenanted Office located in the centre of Manchester. The site is managed by Wates on behalf of Bellrock.  

The Challenge

Heating system water has been noted as being black in appearance with magnetic particulates which if left untreated could lead to blocking of small bore pipework and valves causing system failure.

The Solution

To undertake flushing of the system would be a lengthy and costly exercise so we have installed a Hydro-Fil Mini side-stream filtration unit to filter the system water clean by using the magnet probe and filter bags.


Within a period of 3 months, the system water was notably cleaner, and inspection of the Hydro-Fil unit evidenced the amount of dirt the unit has collected. The water quality of the system is currently under continuous monitoring with scheduled maintenance as required. 


Photo 1 shows the dirty system water. 

Photo 2 shows the dirt collected by the filter bag and magnet probe.

Photo 3 shows the magnet probe having collected a large quantity of deposits by leaving off the filter bag for 1 month.

Photo 4 shows the system water sample has considerably cleared up in the space of 3 months.

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