Servicing The University of Lincoln on Behalf of Inviron

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Inviron FM are the Facilities Management company for the University of Lincoln. Hydro-X and Inviron’s relationship started after Hydro-X had been working directly with the university for some years, predominantly providing risk assessments for the whole campus including 90+ buildings. This provided trust across the accounts to carry out further required water hygiene work.


Since taking on the contract in August this year, our team found multiple water related issues across several buildings within the university’s campus which had not been recognised previously.  These risks could potentially pose serious harm if the systems were left untreated and neglected.


Instant acknowledgement by all parties involved led to a clear plan of action to resolve the outstanding related issues across the site.

Due to the scale of the site and the issues raised our Technicians were tasked to carry out further works starting with an investigation.

Following this the team then carried out additional works including sampling and disinfections to resolve the problem.

Value added

We have provided a professional and structured service that they weren’t receiving before and keeping the University compliant.

The client was very complimentary about both Darren and Stephen our Technicians, and led by Mark we look to forward to seeing the relationship with Inviron and The University of Lincoln flourish.

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