Successful Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery System Installation

MVHR Installation


One of our FM clients were looking for suitable Air Hygiene and Fire Safety solutions at their London site following complaints about a site.


Following discussions, the issue identified related to the mixing of both the cold temperature and high level of draft air entering the male and female changing rooms.

After further investigation, it was found that many elements of the existing ventilation system, such as the ductwork and supply grilles were removed to prevent this from occurring. Doing this had violated the building regulations as there was little to no ventilation within any of the changing rooms, which as you can imagine led to quite an unpleasant experience.

The facilities management company working on behalf of the clients site appointed Hydro-X to carry out an initial survey to investigate the claims and offer an appropriate solution to regulate the airflow & temperature.


After multiple meetings and discussions and help from our Projects Team, our solution was to install a MVHR or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System.

These systems are designed to efficiently ventilate a building while also recovering the heat from the outgoing air to help heat the incoming fresh air.

This helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment while also reducing energy consumption.

The system typically consists of an air handling unit, ductwork, and a network of vents and grills installed throughout the building. The air handling unit is responsible for exchanging the air and recovering the heat, while the ductwork and vents distribute the fresh air throughout the building and extract the stale air.

Value added

Upon completion of the installation, the system was commissioned and approved for working conditions. As a result, we have ensured that the users of both changing rooms had adequate ventilation, which in turn guarantees higher air quality and better health in the workplace.


Shown above is our schematic of the MVHR System Installed.

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MVHR Installation