Water Treatment Within Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

water treatment work within pharmaceutical manufacturing


Hydro-X is one of the major industry leaders looking after Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing organisations throughout the UK and overseas to provide crucial water treatment and hygiene support.

Due to manufacturing and processing operations within the pharmaceutical industry, water is a vital component. With varying types of water having different standards which are utilised in pharmaceutical production plants.

On top of this, rising concerns associated with water shortages are also becoming more of a significant issue within the industry as businesses look to improve their water efficiencies and waste.

It was therefore no surprise that we were successful in being assigned a major contract to undertake water treatment work for a huge Pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation. This followed on from a conversation with their facilities team to determine the impact of their existing water treatment program along with a full system survey to outline any shortfalls to negate any compliance issues.

After demonstrating a greater quality of service than what they had previously received, along with return on investment (ROI) projects, Hydro-X were delighted to take on the water treatment work.


Since taking on the contract, a survey of the site unfortunately identified some shortfalls in compliance, along with areas which could be vastly improved in terms of water energy efficiency, an area which our client was keen to improve in order to reduce costs and reduce waste.


As a solution our water technical team proposed updating all of the cooling and boiler dosing monitoring as well as the control equipment in order to run a more efficient water treatment program.

Value added

Once we have fully commissioned our new innovative dosing control equipment for both cooling and steam boilers we will start to enhance the overall treatment program and increase the plant longevity and optimisation on energy and water usage.

If you would like further information on how Hydro-X Water can support your water treatment and hygiene requirements, get in touch with our expert team on 01909 565133 or email info@hydro-x.co.uk.

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