Wembley Stadium – Indoor Air Quality


Wembley stadium is the home of the FA and the England national football team. The 90,000 capacity stadium has also hosted concerts and other live events, in addition to regular sporting events such as the FA cup final and NFL matches.

Initially we made contact with the venue to consult them about their fire damper requirements, however once we made contact it was clear that the Indoor Air Quality was a more pressing concern for them as they sought to welcome fans back in large numbers once again after the easing of lockdown restrictions by the government.

The Challenge

At the England vs Andorra World Cup Qualifier in early September fans were able to finally use the bar and restaurant facilities in the suites located inside the stadium. ENGIE, who assist the FA with Facilities Management in the stadium, wanted to make sure the appropriate measures were in place to ensure the Indoor Air Quality within the suites were up to the required standards so the ventilation systems could sufficiently cope with the number of people that were due to be present.

The Solution

During our time on site, we had to make sure we were able to generate proportional results across two suites that would be representative of them at full capacity. We were able to call on the assistance of our PST team who have extensive knowledge and experience in this particular area, so with their assistance it was suggested that we monitored several different locations throughout the suite so that our data could be averaged out across the space.

Using an Air Particulate Meter we were able to monitor the quantity of particulates present within the Air over a period of 2 minutes. This would give accurate indications as to the air quality levels within the room when plenty of people were present.

Value Added

Before the project had been arranged, the client stressed to us that our report had to be received at least 24 hours ahead of the match, which we were able to deliver to them. This ensured that everyone at the stadium could have the peace of mind that the bar and restaurant areas were safe for the public to enter and that the air quality would continue to be up to the necessary standards. This helped everyone to relax and enjoy the event and the match.