closed loop system remediation flushing

Closed System Remediation Flushing

Time To Clean Up Your Act

Closed Loop Water Systems (Heating and Chilled) will often go unnoticed in buildings until something goes wrong.

However, there must be proactive management of these systems to avoid unbudgeted costs and maintain energy-efficient systems. Ensuring system water quality is maintained is key to keeping the systems running as designed.

Recent Remediation Flushing

Hydro-X Water recently took over a water treatment contract overseen by our Business Development Manager Tom Ibbotson. The site in question had closed loop systems suffering from poor previous management, which was something we quickly looked to resolve.

Pre & Post Flushing

One of the ways in which we rectified this was by carrying out closed system remediation flushing. Our team carried this out via initial circulation with cleaner, followed by a plantroom flush, then terminal unit flushing. Finally the system will be dosed with inhibitor and Glycol.

Hydro-fil Water Filtration System

Our Filtration Solutions

We have a number of solutions for removing build up including sediment within heating and chilled systems.

To avoid bacteria growth in closed loop systems it is important to start with a clean system and flushing remediation could form part of this.

Installing equipment like the Hydro-Fil will help maintain good water clarity in line with BSRIA BG29 and BG50.

Monitoring & Dosing

Installing instant monitoring equipment like the Hydro-Net to give instant feedback if the heating or chilled water quality changes.

Automatic dosing to ensure levels of inhibitor are maintained.

Biocide dosing when bacteria is found using the Hydrocid range.