Is there more to Cooling Water Treatment than compliance?

Answer – Yes!

 A technically correct water treatment program is essential for more ways than one:

  1. Compliance
  2. Optimisation on both Water and Energy control
  3. Plant Longevity
  4. Preventing down time – loss of production/process

How can you be sure that you are receiving the right water treatment program to ensure all 4 elements are being covered? Let look at the areas that will affect the outcome of the program:

Causative map

The causative map demonstrates all elements that affect the overall water treatment program, all 4 boxes are interlinked and as a result, if any one box is allowed to be present in a water treatment program, all four will in time become apparent to the detriment of the water treatment program. This compromises compliance, plant longevity, water and energy optimisation and would likely lead to process or production downtime.

At Hydro-X Water Treatment, we recognise the importance of ensuring that the water treatment program that we design enables us to control all four elements, thereby optimising on plant longevity, preventing downtime and loss of production, optimising on water and energy savings and ensuring compliance is not compromised.

Our range of “beyond threshold” scale and corrosion inhibitors come with PTSA Technology built in as standard, this allows us to optimise on straight line scale and corrosion inhibition. Our range of biocide and dispersants can be dosed and controlled by ion specific probes to prevent over dosing, thereby ensuring corrosion is controlled. This, coupled with the ability to measure corrosion in real time, provides the optimum in cooling tower water treatment control.

Why not take this one step further and look at how Hydro-X can help you recover the Cooling Water Bleed water that normally goes to foul drain, and is normally circa 33% of the make up water used to run the cooling towers, we can safely recover a substantial proportion of this waste water and resue this as cooling water make up, this providing lower conductivity make up water and enable higher cycles of concentration, therefore reducing the total water make up, lower conductivity water, a reduction in chemicals used, reducing energy and CO2. And less water going to the effluent treatment plant – where there are additional costs associated with treating this water.

To find out more about how Hydro-X can help – Please register your details to receive a call from your local Account Manager to arrange a free evaluation survey of your overall water treatment program and see where we can optimise on water, energy, chemical and water usage.