Competent Person: Water


This course is designed for technicians and maintenance staff/contractors working on or around water systems in healthcare premises.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme


Competent Person: Water Course Overview

Learning will come in a classroom environment in the form of trainer explanation, group discussions, videos, practical classroom exercises and will be broken up with breakout sessions.

Who is our Competent Person: Water Course suitable for?

This course is for competent estates staff, technicians and contractors involved in the safe management of hot and cold-water supply, storage and distribution systems in healthcare premises.

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Course Information

  • Understand the legislative/local governance and relative Regulations applicable to their healthcare estate
  • Reflect on issues raised by examples of prosecutions and news articles
  • Group to discuss their view of case studies
  • Identification of the relevant sections within the Health & Social Care Act 2012 pertinence to CP and local governance
  • Understanding of the term Never Events through case examples and discussion of learner’s personal experiences
  • Identification of relevant sections which relate to average health care estate premises
  • Understanding the implications of heath and safety legislation on the day-to-day job and related processes
  • Examples of other healthcare estates who have established WSG, which have a positive impact on water hygiene
  • Identification of statutory and non-statutory requirements for the provision of RA
  • Identification of compliant and non-compliant risk assessment reporting through examples and input of learner’s experiences
  • The compliance requirements including: understanding the aims and principles relating to the ACOP L8 and HSG 274 – HTMs
  • Identification of legionella bacteria as a pathogen
  • Explanation regarding species, serogroup, nutrients and health implications
  • Areas of water systems where legionella bacteria are likely to proliferate
  • Examples of illnesses caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • The environment in which is derives nutrients
  • Health implications for specific types of patients within healthcare
  • Identification of other waterborne pathogens: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and Mycobacterium Chimera
  • Health implications for specific types of patients within healthcare
  • Identification of failsafe testing and cleaning as per the NHS D08 guidance documentation
  • Examples of correct cleaning techniques for various items of equipment and how to prevent the spread of pathogens
  • Explanation of correct sampling techniques and how to interpret results
  • Requirements of legislation and Regulations for water distribution systems (HTM 04-01)
  • Learn about the different waterborne pathogens and their transmission routes around the buildings water systems and equipment
  • Other water safety issues in a distribution system including physical and chemical contamination
  • Methods of preventing contamination and cross-contamination within healthcare premises
  • Sampling requirements and methods to ensure accurate results including interpreting the results and remedial actions
  • Logbook records and recording of remedial actions
  • Understand the role of the Water Safety Group and the Water safety Plan within health care premises

At the end of the training each delegate undertakes a multiple choice assessment consisting of 20 questions, with 15 correct answers achieving a pass grade (75%).

Where facilities permit, assessment is completed online to enable faster processing of results and certification.

On successful completion of this Competent Person: Water Training you will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate.

A digital certificate will be made available for you to download normally within 48hrs of successfully completing this course.

Paper copies of certificates can be supplied subject to a small administration fee.

This will need renewing every 2 years.

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