Fire Damper Testing Course

City & Guilds Accredited Programme
Our Fire Damper Testing Training Course explores the relevant regulations to carry out testing and inspection safely and competently. Candidates will be trained in routine fire and smoke damper testing during this course.

Why choose HX Training for Fire Damper Testing Training?

We are proud to be the leading training providers of City & Guilds Accredited Fire Damper Training Courses having trained more than 8000 persons in the last 3 years.  The City and Guilds Accreditation is evidence that we are continually audited and reviewed externally for training quality standards.

Throughout the Fire Damper Testing Course, candidates will learn the importance of fire and smoke damper testing. This is part of a building’s fire safety and life safety measures. Furthermore, candidates will learn how to prevent the spread of smoke, which will maintain their fire safety and fire protection. These aspects require more frequent attention in preventing the spread of fire in a building.

In addition, our Fire Damper Testing Training is delivered in replica environments of fire and smoke dampers. As a result, our fire damper testing replicas will help you achieve real-life experience. This includes: gaining access through false ceilings, working at a height, complicated ductwork cleaning and more.

With 35+ years in the health and safety sector, Hydro-X works exceptionally hard to maintain the highest standards for our candidates. So you know that if you attend an HX Training course, you can rely on quality.

Regulations in the Fire Damper Certification Course

Our Fire Damper Training Course will give you the appropriate knowledge of statutory regulations, relating to the maintenance of ventilation systems.

Our course conforms to:

Who is our Fire Damper Testing Training suitable for?

Our unique, City and Guilds Accredited, Fire Damper Training Course is for managers and specifiers. During this course, candidates will obtain an understanding for fire and smoke damper testing and visual inspection. Furthermore, it is designed to gather better knowledge of the legislation and compliance requirements. This will increase the safety of building users.

Are their any requirements to attend this Fire Damper Testing Course?

Delegates should have basic working at height competency before attending the course.

Practical Training: How to Carry Out Fire and Smoke Damper Testing

We believe in delivering a fire damper certification course that holds up in the real world. Because of this, we have built a practical training replica that engineers will come across while fire and smoke damper testing. Furthermore, this could also be called fire damper drop testing or fire damper inspection.

At our training centre, candidates will have hands-on access to 8 different models of fire dampers and smoke dampers. This will cover the majority of fire resistance units they will come across in the field.

These include a range of:

  • EML (Easy Maintenance Link) Fire Dampers
  • Fusible Link Fire Dampers
  • Chain Link Fire Dampers
  • Curtain (Self-Latching Cassette) Fire Dampers
  • Automatic (BMS controlled) Motorised Smoke dampers and Fire Dampers installed

After-Course Support: What Happens After You’ve Completed Fire Damper Testing Course?

Our expert trainers have many years experience in their field, in  accordance with current legal requirements (legislation) and industry technical guidance. As a result, they have the confidence and knowledge to pass on to new and experienced engineers. Additionally, we have teams of Environmental Service Engineers on hand to help.

For daily support, each candidate leaves our fire damper testing course with a 30 page workbook. They can use and review this as a resource in the future, as well as other useful handouts throughout for the responsible person and competent person.

HX Training are always happy to take a call from previous trainees. We encourage them to keep in touch for continuous professional development.

Choose your learning style for Fire Damper Training Course

Fire Damper Testing Training Information

  • Appropriate knowledge of statutory regulations, which refer to the maintenance of ventilation systems and safe working practices
  • Appropriate knowledge of industry standards, guidance and specifications, in relation to ventilation system fire safety
  • Understand the principles of Fire and Smoke damper devices and associated fire compartment barrier requirements
  • Carry out site planning and preparation for inspection testing, as well as maintenance of fire and smoke dampers
  • Carry out the inspection, testing and maintenance of smoke and fire containment systems, along with associated components
  • How to problem solve
  • Accepting responsibility for work carried out
  • Work reliably and effectively under close but not constant supervision
  • Have appropriate knowledge of statutory regulations
  • Have appropriate knowledge of industry standards, guidance and specifications
  • Understand the principles of fire damper and smoke damper devices and associated fire compartment barrier requirements
  • Carry out site planning and preparation for inspection testing and maintenance of fire and smoke dampers
  • Conduct the inspection, regular testing and maintenance of smoke and fire containment systems and associated components
  • Understand how to problem solve in the event of a fire
At the end of the one day Fire Damper Certification course, candidates will sit a 25 question multiple choice assessment.
To receive their City & Guilds Accredited certificate, they must get 19/25 correct to pass.

On successful completion, you will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Programme: Fire Damper Certification Course. This will need refreshing every 2 years.

A digital certificate will be made available for you to download normally within 48hrs of successfully completing this course.

Paper copies of certificates can be supplied subject to a small administration fee.

Fire Damper Testing Course Online

For those who only require an understanding of fire and smoke damper testing, but are not doing the testing, please review our Online Fire Damper Awareness Course (HXT-F04).

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Specialist Facilities at Our Training Centres

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Our nationwide venues hold specialist, in-house facilities to aid your classroom experience. With our experience of 35 years in the sector, you can trust that we deliver tried and tested courses that infiltrate quality results outside of the training room.

Our classroom courses incorporate: trainer explanation, a presentation, group discussion, videos, practical classroom exercise and breakout sessions. At HX Training Centre’s, our courses are hosted in spacious training rooms with refreshments and the opportunity to network if you wish.

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fire damper testing course
Our  courses are designed to meet the needs of candidates at all levels of technical competence and experience, including business owners and directors, landlords, facilities managers, technicians, duty holders and those appointed as the responsible person.

HX Training provide a broad range of courses that suit your legal and compliance requirements. By using the best educational research and practices, we are able to deliver learning in a way that works best for you. Our experienced trainers give an accomplished level of knowledge to guarantee a strong success rate to ensure you and your team gain an accredited certification at the end of the training.

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