Confined Space Training: Authorised Person


Designed to meet the essential requirements for ‘controlling entry and work’ in confined spaces. This Confined Space Authorised Person Training will explore what is required by the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 and the MOD Safety Rules and Procedures, which are contained within JSP 375 Volume 3 Chapter 6.


Confined Space Training: Authorised Person Overview

Our Confined Space Training for Authorised Person includes trainer explanation, group discussions, videos and practical classroom exercises. In addition, there will be a team practical hosted within a simulated confined space. Learners will be trained on the use of breathing apparatus during this exercise.

Delegates working on MOD estates are advised to provide evidence that they meet the level of medical fitness required by the MOD safety rules covering confined spaces.

Who would benefit from this course?

Suitably qualified personnel who have been nominated for appointment as an Authorised Person for confined spaces.

PPE Required to Attend the Confined Space Medium Risk Training

As the course has external practical elements, delegates are advised to bring outdoor protective clothing, such as:

  1. Safety boots
  2. Hard hat
  3. Gloves
  4. Overalls or work clothes
  5. Knee pads (optional)
All other course material, such as a work book, will be provided by the trainer on the day.

Choose your learning style for Confined Space Authorised Person Training

Course Information

1. Introduction
2. Health & Safety Legislation and Confined Spaces Regulations
3. Confined Space Identification and Associated Hazards
4. Hazardous Atmospheres
5. Safe Systems of Work
6. Emergency and Rescue Arrangements
7. Medical Requirements
8. Training and Competency Requirements
9. Confined Space Equipment
10. Confined Space Risk Assessment
11. Permit to Work
12. Confined Space Entry Planning and Implementation

  • To provide learners with the practical skills and the required level of understanding of the MOD Safe Working Procedures associated with entering and working in confined spaces
  • To be able to comply with safe working practices in the MOD
  • Understanding the legislation applying to confined spaces working for an authorised person
  • Applying the JSP375 V2 Chapter 6
  • Undertaking the risk assessments of confined spaces work
  • Working with permits to work
  • Developing safe systems of work and safe methods of work
  • Selecting, installing and maintaining control measures
  • Understanding the mechanisms of atmosphere testing and monitoring
  • Developing, installing and maintaining emergency plans and procedures
  • Maintaining records and documents for confined spaces working for entries, which have been risk assessed and classified under JSP375

The Authorised Person training will be a written assessment, as well as a practical assessment in a simulated confined space.

After successfully completing the course, candidates will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Certificate to prove their knowledge, competency and skills.

Successful candidates will achieve a certificate in Authorised Person Confined Spaces Training.

The certificate should be refreshed every 2 years.

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