IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

A distinguished, practical training program that is fully accredited by IOSH. Created to guide those responsible for the safety of their team. The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course updates delegates on new practices and legislations.

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Do you need to complete the full IOSH Managing Safely Course to attend the Refresher?

The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher strengthens the delegates existing knowledge of safety measures. Therefore, it is essential that the initial 3 day Managing Safely Course is completed and the delegate has previously received an accredited IOSH Certificate.

Without the key parts of the previous course, the Managing Safely Refresher would not be substantial enough to improve the delegates health and safety training.

Benefits of our IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

  • Learner-centered approach – Case studies are embedded in the training. Additionally, delegates provide their own input throughout the duration.
  • 1 day course – Long-term productivity will be improved by taking this 1 day IOSH course.
  • Stimulating learning – The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Training is supplemented by interactive activities, including films and quizzes. In addition, bespoke graphics and training tools are used.
  • Easy to understand – A detailed workbook is provided for delegates to accurately measure progress.
  • Real-life workplace scenarios – Situations that delegates can relate to. As a result, this keeps the connection between the training and daily work.
  • Greater productivity and less accidents – Less hours lost due sickness in relation to proper safety management. Furthermore, a better company-wide safety awareness culture is promoted.

Why take a IOSH Managing Safely Refresher?

Recent legislation changes are discussed and vital IOSH Managing Safely Course elements are revised. It’s renowned as a thoroughly engaging and interactive course for the 1-day duration. In addition, there is a strong perceivable business focus embedded in the training. As a result, this ensures delegates understand health and safety implications within the workplace.

Who should attend the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Training?

Managers and supervisors, or equivalent, who need to refresh their knowledge of key points within the original IOSH Managing Safely Training Course.

If you’ve completed the IOSH Managing Safely Course previously, but feel you need content and legislation updates, the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course is ideal for you.

IOSH Refresher Online

At HX Training we do not offer an IOSH Refresher Online. On the other hand, we have our full IOSH Managing Safely Course (3 days) delivered via our LIVE Virtual Classrooms through Microsoft Teams.

Find out more: IOSH Managing Safely Course Online

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Course Information

HX trainers teach delegates to use a Plan-Do-Check-Act Model. This is a method of managing, with the aim of constantly improving business processes, along with a company wide safety and health management system.

Plan – Recognise the problem/issue. Identify the primary objectives that need to be achieved to solve it and possible solutions.

Do – Apply one of these solutions in a scaled-down manner. Once it is implemented, carefully measure the results and effects.

Check – This phase focusses on evaluation of the results. The results can be what was expected or different. Analyse how effective the solution was.

Act – Data and analysis from the last two phases will establish which pragmatic improvements you can make. Recommend these for next time, or if it worked perfectly, maintain the same solution.

Thinking back – reflecting on key parts of the initial 3 day course

Leadership – why is it vital to succeed?

Plan – what does a policy consist of and how would you deliver it?

Do – risk assessment exercise and relaying findings

Check – review data and analyse

Act – overall reflection

21 question assessment at the end of the training day. This incorporates all of the health and safety content and refreshed knowledge covered throughout the course.

Delegates are awarded with an IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Certificate once successful completion. This is a fully accredited by IOSH and hugely respected achievement within any industry.

Delegates are awarded with an IOSH Refresher Certificate, alongside your IOSH Management Safely Certificate, once successful completion. This is a fully accredited by IOSH and hugely respected achievement within any industry.

In addition, this course can also result in CPD hours towards maintaining your membership at your professional institute.