Confined Space Training Course

Our range of City and Guilds Confined Space Courses cover all essential areas for delegates to confidently perform their duties. Confined Space Training includes: Awareness, Low, Medium, High Risk and Authorised Person.
City & Guilds Accredited Programme

Confined Space Training Courses Overview

Confined Space Training Overview

UK’s Leading Health and Safety training provider. We have established customers who use us for their first point of call for any City and Guilds Confined Space Courses.  

With our range of confined space training courses, you are assured to find a course suited to your needs. Whatever your industry, we have you covered.

Throughout the course, they will develop the skills to confidently work in a confined space. To practice safe systems of work, our training covers risk assessments, breathing apparatus, Confined Spaces Regulation 1997, top person duties, confined space entry, and emergency rescue. Delegates will leave with an Accredited City and Guilds Confined Space Certification.

We offer a range of Confined Spaces Courses to cover most scenarios:

 Confined Space Awareness Course

Confined Spaces Low-Medium Risk Training

Confined Spaces High-Risk Training Course

Confined Spaces Authorised Person Training Course

Our courses include all the materials needed, assessments, and certification at no additional cost. Book online today, or call our knowledgeable sales team who can help you meet all your training needs on 01909 66 67 08.

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Accredited by City and Guilds, taught by industry professionals & expert trainers with years of experience.

Value for money

Receive your certificates at no extra cost! All of our courses include City and Guilds Confined Space accreditations in the price.


Have flexibility in your training with a bespoke course and a vast number of course dates to choose from. We are always happy to offer our expertise, so contact us for more information.


Choose from virtual, blended, on-site and classroom learning across a range of industries. 

Why Choose Hydro-X for City and Guilds Confined Space Training?

With 35+ years of experience in health and safety, you can rely on Hydro-X for the training of the highest standard. Our courses are designed, developed, and are Accredited Programmes with City & Guilds

We pride ourselves on our expert trainers, some with decades of experience. You can be assured that delegates leave with essential knowledge and valuable practical skills, as our expert trainers support delegates in understanding every element of the training.

Hydro-X Training is proud to say that we custom our Confined Space Training classes around your professional needs. After training is over, these key skills are implemented into real-life experiences. We can assure you that Hydro-X Training has the experience in making the courses engaging and memorable, so the delegates can evoke this into their professional role.

For more information on any of our Confined Space Courses or to see what else we have to offer contact us today at 01909 666078.

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Confined Space Training Courses

Confined Spaces Training Medium Risk

Hydro-X Training is proud to offer one of the best practical confined spaces courses in the county, with our purpose-built training rig at our HQ in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  This 1-day course has been designed so delegates leave with the knowledge, confidence, and practical skills to be able to work in a medium-risk environment.

Confined Spaces Training Medium Risk is a City & Guilds Accredited course that covers the skills learners are able to identify confined spaces, understand all the legislation and regulations surrounding working in confined spaces, and requirements for risk assessment and method statements, whilst also covering practical skills in our purpose built rig.

During the training, delegates will get hands-on with specialist equipment such as harnesses, breathing air escape sets, safety tripods, and fall arrest winches, guided by our expert trainers, as well as the opportunity to do top team duties. Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Programm Certificate in Confined Spaces Low-Medium Risk which is valid for 3 years after completion.

Confined Space High Risk Training Course

During this 2-day City & Guilds Accredited Course on High-Risk Confined Spaces, delegate spending day 1 covering the low-medium risk confined course in preparation to complete the high-risk elements covered in day 2 of this specially designed course. Using our specially designed training rig in our Training HQ in South Yorkshire, delegates will get hands-on experience with the specialist equipment provided on the course, as well a well-developed classroom theory package delivered by our expert trainers.

During this course, the delegates will leave with the knowledge and confidence to work in a high-risk environment, with this course covering all the legislation and guidance that surrounds working in confined space, including The Health and Safety Act 1974, The Water UK Occasional Guidance and furthermore learners will look at C.O.S.H.H as part of contamination risks.

During the high-risk portion of the course, the delegates will get hands-on practice and experience using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, whilst being guided by our experienced trainers,  in our purpose-built training facility.  Upon successful completion of the multiple-choice assessment and practical, learners will receive a City & Guild Accredited Programme Certificate in Confined Space High Risk, which lasts for 3 years.

For further information on this course, or to inquire about this course being delivered on-site give the team a call on 01909 666078 or fill in the contact form above.

Confined Space Training

Who will benefit from Confined Space Training Courses?

Hydro-X Training offers a selection of 4 training courses for Confined Spaces.

Confined Space Awareness Courses

This half-day course in Confined Space Awareness is a City & Guilds Accredited Programme suitable for those who are Duty Holders, Site Managers, or anyone managing workers in a confined space. This course has been specifically designed to help manage equipment and specific risks surrounding confined space work and understand key legislation and regulations.

Specialist equipment, including harnesses, escape kits, and breathing kits are covered, including maintenance and inspecting for wear and tear or damage. Furthermore a selection of the correct equipment depending on whether the confined space is low or high risk is covered in this awareness course.

As part of this course, the delegates will cover the key documents including the Confined Space Regulations 1997, The Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as other guidance such as The Water UK Guidance Notes.

This is delivered as a non-practical online course where successful delegates will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate in Confined Space Awareness which is valid for 3 years.

For onsite courses, or practical courses contact us on 01909 666078 or fill out the form to speak to a member of the team.

Confined Space Low Risk Training Course

Authorised Person Confined Space Training

The Authorised Person course has been designed alongside the MOD Safety Rules and Procedures contained in JSP 375 Volume 3 Chapter 6, to give delegates the practical skills and level of understanding surrounding entering and working in confined spaces. This is a 5-day City & Guilds Accredited Programme, for delegates who are suitable be qualified to be appointed as an Authorised Person for Confined Spaces.

During this course, the delegates will undergo a mixture of classroom theory and practical sessions using our specially designed rig at our HQ in South Yorkshire. Furthermore, they will leave with a good understanding of the legislation applied to working in confined spaces, how to apply procedures in the JSP 375 Volume 3 Chapter 6 (for MOD personnel) , risk assessments of confined spaces, and permits to work.

As part of this Authorised Person course, delegates will also cover developing safe systems of work and safe methods of work, including installing and maintaining emergency plans, procedures, and control measures, alongside maintaining records and documents for confined spaces, and entires that have been risk assessed and classified under JSP375.

Delegates that work on MOD estates are advised to provide evidence that they met the level of medical fitness required by the MOD safety rules covering confined spaces.

Upon successful completion of this training course, delegates will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Certificate in Authorised Person Confined Space that lasts 3 years.

For more information on booking, or to arrange on-site training call the office on 01909 666078 or fill in the contact form above.

Why do I need to take a Confined Space Course?

Every year confined spaces kill or injure those working and those who attempt to rescue them. Unfortunately, this is common for workers without the appropriate training and experience with safety equipment.

With this in mind, it is important to receive the appropriate training to complete your duties. Because of this, other confined space online courses that take less time at the lowest price could leave you at risk of not receiving the essential training you need. At Hydro-X, we offer quality training, with enriched knowledge and valuable skills, which you can implement into real-life situations.

In each of our confined spaces courses, we teach well-rounded skills. These include breathing apparatus, team rescue, risk assessments, confined space management, regulations and legislation. Furthermore, our courses are tailored with the appropriate training for your specific role whether you working in a high risk confined space or in a low to medium risk confined space environment.

Unsure which confined space course to take? Contact our specialist team or request a quote. A member will get back to you shortly.

To get more information on our Confined Space Training Courses, fill in the form below and a member of our support team will be in touch.

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Benefits of taking a Confined Space Course

  • Learn how to recognise the difference between a low to high risk confined space
  • Manage confined spaces risk assessments and permits
  • Understand and carry out the appropriate duties and responsibilities
  • Use your own initiative in potential incidents and emergency procedures
  • Know how to select the correct safety equipment for each specific job
  • Confidently inspect, assemble and use specialist equipment (including breathing apparatus)
  • Conduct atmospheric hazard monitoring
  • Know the confined space regulations and legislations
  • Gain refined practical knowledge for safe working in a confined space

Confined Space Training Courses Overview
Confined Space Training Courses Overview

Confined Space Training Container

HX Training can bring our unique courses anywhere in the UK with the confined space trailer unit. What’s more, the course can be tailored to your company’s needs with our onsite courses.

Alternatively, we have specialist facilities at our headquarters in South Yorkshire, such as the simulated confined space.

This practical learning is essential for delegates to have a complete understanding of their roles.

What is a Confined Space?

It is actually impossible to create a set list of all the different types. Nevertheless, there are specific elements that help workers identify a confined space. Fortunately, our City and Guilds Confined Spaces Training can assist you with this to assure risks and accidents are kept under control.

Some confined spaces may include:

  • Chamber
  • Tank
  • Vat
  • Silo
  • Pit
  • Trench
  • Pipe
  • Sewer
  • Flue
Example of working in confined spaces.

What defines a confined space?

Under the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997,  a ‘confined space’ must have both of the following defining features:

  1. It must be a space which is substantially (though not always entirely) enclosed
  2. One or more of the specified risks must be present or reasonably foreseeable

To define a confined space, there has to be a risk of injury or even death. Therefore, the individual would have to be exposed to hazardous substances and dangerous conditions, such as lack of oxygen levels.

Confined Space Regulations

During the Confined Space Course, the delegates gain knowledge of the relevant regulations and working practices. As this prepares them for working for real life situations, these regulations must be followed during the practical activity in the confined spaces training container.

The regulations and laws that the training course explores are the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Confined Spaces Regulations 1997

Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 includes:

  1. Citation, commencement and interpretation

  2. Disapplication of Regulations

  3. Duties

  4. Work in confined spaces

  5. Emergency arrangements

  6. Exemption certificates

  7. Defence in proceedings

  8. Extension outside Great Britain

  9. Repeal and revocations

Who are City and Guilds? city and guilds training

A global leader for skills development. City and Guilds aim for personal and business growth. In order to achieve this, City and Guilds host a large range of products and services to offer.

Foremost, undertaking Confined Space City and Guilds Course is proof that you obtain the essential skills and training to successfully carry out your professional role, in regard to compliance and competency to health and safety procedures. This is reassurance for yourself, your team and your business.