Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage


This Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage Training Course is designed for candidates who control, operate and maintain low voltage power systems.


Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage: Course Overview

This Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage Course is designed for candidates who control, operate and maintain low voltage power systems. They will leave with valuable skills and knowledge to control dangers associated with the electrical systems they are appointed for. Furthermore, the course familiarises candidates with electrical low voltage equipment. In addition, training covers areas of supervision to the designated competent persons.

Overall, candidates will learn how to use and interpret safety rules. This will give them the information to safely operate, test, isolate and distribute complex electrical systems. This is classroom based course, with safe access to relevant on site electrical equipment.

Starting at 10:00am on Monday and finishing at approximately 1:00pm on Friday.

A low voltage authorised person will be able to complete their duties to the requirements of:

Why is electrical low voltage training important?

Without appropriate health and safety training, lives are at risk. Approximately 30 people die each year and hundreds are injured through accidents, with electricity, whilst at work. In addition, studies indicate tens of thousands of unreported electric shocks occur every year.

Who would benefit from this authorised person course?

Those responsible for the practical implementation and operation of the management’s safety policy and procedures, on defined electrical systems.

This course also acts as an effective refresher for those that have already completed low voltage authorised person training.

This individual who attend’s should:

  • Be over 23 years old
  • Electrically qualified to NVQ or City & Guilds Level 3 as a minimum
  • Have adequate technical knowledge of the site electrical equipment

For your information: the AE can recommend who they wish to the management. This is only if they feel they can fulfil some of the duties of an authorised person. In addition, non-electrical managers and others can be appointed in most cases, only to compile the documentation. However, the AE would place limitations on them.

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Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage: Course Information

  • Introduced to Safe Operation
  • Dangers and Hazards
  • Protection Against Electric Shock
  • Statutory and Non-statutory Regulations
  • Switchgear and Distribution
  • Isolation of Low Voltage
  • Panel Design
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Protection Devices
  • Standby Systems
  • Roles and Duties of Electrical Low Voltage Systems and Equipment
  • Roles and Duties of Appointed Authorised Person
  • Overview and procedure
  • Document descriptions
  • Work on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
  • Procedure Tables
  • Working on Cables
  • Safety procedures for working on or near live conductors

Delegates will leave the low voltage authorised person training course with the following skills and knowledge:

  1. Dangers and the hazards associated with low voltage electrical systems
  2. The responsibilities of an authorised person
  3. Identify, control and safely operate the equipment on designated electrical systems
  4. Have the knowledge to supervise and instruct competent persons in specific tasks
  5. Produce safety documentation to enable the safe operation on low voltage electrical equipment
  6. Understand the requirements of statutory regulations
  7. Understanding maintenance needs
  8. Accommodating contractors working on the electrical system
  9. Up-to-date knowledge and vigilance to control the risks from low voltage work

Assessment 1

  • Scenario documentation exercise (open book)

Assessment 2

  • Technical awareness written exam (open book)
  • 15 exam questions
  • 75% pass rate
authorised person electrical low voltage

An Authorised Person Electrical Low Voltage Certificate will be provided upon successful completion.

This will need refreshing every 3 years.

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