Legionella Responsible Person Training


Legionella Responsible Person Training Course provides a detailed insight into legionella management. This includes evaluating water treatment options for hot and cold water systems.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme


If you are booking a Live Virtual Classroom Course and have evaporative cooling systems, please book this course, Legionella Responsible Person Training Course (HXT-W02) AND Legionella Responsible Person Training Including Cooling Systems (HXT-W03).
To gain your City & Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate for hot and cold water systems with cooling towers, you will need to complete BOTH the HXT-W02 and HXT-W03 sessions.
If you DO NOT have evaporative cooling systems, you will only need to complete this course: Legionella Responsible Person Training (HXT-W02). 
Thank you. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Legionella Responsible Person Training Overview

This Legionella Responsible Person Training provides the knowledge to develop the skills for effective legionella management. In addition, candidates will understand the risk of moral, legal and financial implications associated with poor control of legionella bacteria. Because of this, the Legionella Responsible Person Training Course provides resources to control legionella bacteria, in-line with ACoP L8 and HSG 274.

A final assessment ensures delegates leave our Legionella Course with the ability to fulfil their legionella management responsibility. With our continuous support, we assure success in best health and safety practices during the Legionella Duty Holder Training.

Course Information

  1. Legionella awareness refresher of knowledge
  2. Know the importance of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and relevant sections
  3. Understand importance of the COSHH regulations and relevant sections
  4. Know the reporting of legionnaires disease under RIDDOR
  5. Understand the Consultation with Employees Regulations 1996
  6. Know the Water Regulations in relation to legionella control
  1. Know the roles of the Legionella Responsible Person, Legionella Deputy Responsible Person and Legionella Duty Holder
  2. Understand what should be included in the Legionella Risk Assessment
  3. Know what makes a person competent and the importance of training
  4. Understand the primary aim of the Legionella Control Association
  1. When a Legionella Risk Assessment should be reviewed and why
  2. Know what is in a written in the control scheme and how to implement it
  3. Know the importance of water system design and commissioning
  4. Understand the importance of a good schematic diagram
  5. Know how to interpret microbial sample results
  6. Know the importance of record keeping
  • Develop or reinforce knowledge of HSE ACOP L8 and HSG274 part 2
  • The role and duties of the Responsible Person and Duty Holder
  • Compliance with the “L8 Fourth edition” code of practice and HSG 274 Technical Guidance
  • More effective management of the risk associated with legionella bacteria
  • Reduced risk of associated moral, legal and financial implications associated with prosecution for poor legionella control

At the end of the legionella training, each delegate undertakes a multiple choice assessment consisting of 20 questions. 15 correct answers achieves a pass grade (75%).

For the online legionella training, the assessment will be completed via a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

On successfully completing the Legionella Responsible Person Training, you will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate.

A digital certificate will be made available for you to download normally within 48hrs of successfully completing this course. However, paper copies of certificates can be supplied subject to a small administration fee.

This will need renewing every 2 years.

3 Ways to learn Legionella Responsible Person Training

Why do I need to take Legionella Responsible Person Training?

The role of a responsible person is to manage the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. Along with this, they must have a strong awareness of the dangers legionella bacteria can impose on individuals.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has guidelines that state the lack of safety training is a key factor of legionella outbreaks. Therefore, it is essential to have training in controlling the risks associated with managing water systems. As a result, to successfully follow the approved code of practice, you must complete an appropriate L8 Responsible Person Course.

By undertaking Legionella Responsible Person Training, you are offering proactive safety management for your premises and individuals associated.

legionella responsible person training

Who is Legionella Responsible Person Training suitable for?

This Legionella Responsible Person Course is for those involved in managing legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems. These water systems should pose a reasonably foreseeable risk of legionella.

Legionella Responsible Person Training is suitable for:

  • Any member of staff who may become a ‘Legionella Responsible Person,’ ‘Legionella Deputy Responsible Person’ or ‘Legionella Duty Holder’
  • Engineers and Managers with other responsibilities related to Legionella Risk Management
  • Health and Safety professionals who are responsible for performing Legionella Risk Assessments

No previous Legionella Training experience is required to complete this course, although would potentially be an advantage. If you are interested in pre-learning for this course, please take a look at our Legionella Awareness Course. HX Training offers this Legionella Course online to save time and money.

How Our Online Legionella Responsible Person Training Works

All of our Online Legionella Training are delivered via an innovative and user-friendly Live Virtual Classroom platform. In addition, our online training platform works just as well on a tablet, laptop or PC. Furthermore, during the legionella training online, the trainer will be engaged with the delegates throughout.

Unlike other legionella course online, our trainer delivers the course live. Because of this, our expert trainers are ready to answer all of your questions. Additionally, they offer support before and after the course has finished.

Benefits of Online Legionella Training

The advantages of legionella responsible person training online:

  • No travel costs
  • Same level of expert L8 responsible person training
  • Cost-effective
  • Support is still given and questions can still be communicated to the trainer throughout
  • Same City & Guilds certification is provided

If you do not have time to attend a physical training venue, please book onto the 3 hour Legionella Course online. All delivered by our fully qualified trainers with years of experience in legionella training. Additionally, the content is exactly the same as in our classroom courses. However, completed in the comfort of your own home or office.

Online Legionella responsible person training

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Specialist Facilities at Our Training Centres

HX Training pride ourselves on innovatively and successfully delivering classroom courses to thousands of delegates at our nationwide venues. 

Our nationwide venues hold specialist, in-house facilities to aid your classroom experience. With our experience of 35 years in the sector, you can trust that we deliver tried and tested courses that infiltrate quality results outside of the training room.

Our classroom courses incorporate: trainer explanation, a presentation, group discussion, videos, practical classroom exercise and breakout sessions. At HX Training Centre’s, our courses are hosted in spacious training rooms with refreshments and the opportunity to network if you wish.

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Our  courses are designed to meet the needs of candidates at all levels of technical competence and experience, including business owners and directors, landlords, facilities managers, technicians, duty holders and those appointed as the responsible person.

HX Training provide a broad range of courses that suit your legal and compliance requirements. By using the best educational research and practices, we are able to deliver learning in a way that works best for you. Our experienced trainers give an accomplished level of knowledge to guarantee a strong success rate to ensure you and your team gain an accredited certification at the end of the training.

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Online Legionella responsible person training
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Live virtual classroom means the trainer offers a learner-centered approach, similarly to a classroom course, to ensure delegates’ educational needs are met. All of the online training provides a live trainer, ready to answer your questions throughout. In addition, the online training courses include: trainer explanation, a presentation, videos, questions and answer session, and finished with a multiple choice assessment.

As a user friendly, alternative approach to classroom training, delegates will finish our online training with refined skills that they can successfully apply to their place of work. Furthermore, virtual learning is both cost and time effective for both businesses and employees.

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