Keeping your Working Environment Safe

During these unprecedented times, it is even more essential to make sure that your working environment is safe and that your staff and the general public recognise that you as a business have been responsible in ensuring that their working environment has been cleaned and disinfected in readiness for their return.

It is extremely important to demonstrate that additional measures during these uncertain times have been considered and where necessary, investment has been made to undertake such.

These additional services Hydro-X Group has to offer to assist you and to provide peace of mind are the following:

  • Additional Flushing of your domestic and process water systems, to prevent stagnation and elevated bacteria loading during lockdown.
  • Water system disinfections Post Lock Down, Pre-Start Up to provide the safe wholesome water.
  • Additional Sampling to measure the effectiveness of the enhanced procedures adopted, providing peace of mind for your employees.
  • The adoption of “ONLINE” Continual disinfection by installing and dosing Chlorine Dioxide systems
    • Surface Disinfections to reduce the risk of bacteria and Viruses on surfaces
    • Surface Bacterial / Virus Swabbing to indicate if surfaces are risk free
    • Fire Damper Testing to ensure air quality can be maintained
    • Kitchen Extract Cleaning to ensure the risk of building fire is reduced
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing to ensure the site air quality is safe
    • Duct Cleaning to improve air quality on site

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    • Pre -Start Up Procedure, Cleaning and Disinfection
    • Additional Chemical Stocks
    • Additional Microbial and Legionella Monitoring
    • Advanced “Beyond Threshold” Scale and corrosion Inhibitors, with Added PTSA.
    • Telemetry Dosage and Control Equipment
    • Start up Plant and dosage and control Service.
    • Inhibitor/Microbial Lab Testing of both Chilled and Heating systems
    • Side Stream Filtration
    • System Flushing
    • Biocide Dosing and Top Ups
    • Inhibitor Dosing and Top Ups
    • Full “ON SITE” system Water Analysis

    Providing Employees with quick access to approved PPE and hygienic work environments via our online ordering portal, HX Store:

    • Hand sanitiser gel -100ml, 500ml, 5L drum
    • Hand sanitiser wall dispensers – manual or automatic
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Disinfectant sprays
    • Hard surface disinfectant cleaning supplies
    • Face masks
    • Protective gloves
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