30th November 2017

Hydro-X Community Support: Stockdales


Hydro-X are proud to Sponsor and support Stockdales – Supporting Children and Adults with learning difficulties in Manchester.

Since 2011 Hydro-X have been one of the main sponsors for the Charity Stockdales, providing financial donations to support the charity’s good work.  Stockdales mission is to work hard to help people become the best they can be, supporting them to develop their skills, experiences and confidence.

Who are Stockdales?

Stockdales was established in 1953, volunteers began by offering medical advice, physiotherapy and play support. Stockdales have come a long way over the years and now runs several services that make a real difference to people life’s. The services include;

  • Community services – helping with people with their learning and social time
  • Home Care Support – helping people in, out and about
  • Our Clubs – evening and weekend sessions that bring people together
  • Dream Days – helping people to have their dream experiences

Stockdales work hard to allow people with learning difficulties to have the kind of life most people take for granted. Offering a level of care that is second to none.


Hydro-X and Stockdales

Each year Stockdales host a charity ball to help raise awareness and funds. The 2017 Stockdales annual Autumn Ball helped to raise £11,500 for the charity. Stockdale’s chief executive, Emma Morris said “Special thanks goes to our main sponsor, Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd. Their continued support is much appreciated by us all at Stockdales and this magnificent result would not have been possible without them. Thanks also goes to our guests, sponsors and organisers for helping us raise this amazing amount. It means so much to us and will help us greatly with our work.”

The money raised at the annual ball goes to help stockdales with the continued work in supporting children, young people and adults with learning disabilities.

Making a difference

To learn more about the Stockdale charity or to make a donation, please click the link below.

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