Improving the efficient use of water

World Water Day is an important date at Hydro-X. It allows us to contribute to the global conversation that seeks to raise awareness of water as the precious resource it is. This year, we had the opportunity to speak to the MD of Hydro-X Engineering to share what they are doing as an organisation to improve the efficient use of water.

HX News: Thank you for making time to talk to us. Can you start by telling us your name and your role?

Dave Norman: Hi, I am Dave Norman. I am the Managing Director of Hydro-X Engineering.

HX News: Can you tell us a bit about Hydro-X Engineering?

Dave Norman: Hydro-X Engineering was formed at the end of 2020. We are a water, wastewater, and process engineering company. We work with customers across various sectors, such as data centres, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food and beverage.

All those industries use water in lots of different ways. Hence, what we do is look at the water and energy usage across a site and look at different ways to optimise that with process engineering solutions.

HX News: Why is World Water Day important?

Dave Norman: I think World Water Day is really important because it is an ideal opportunity to focus and refocus people’s minds on water; the fact that it is finite, the fact that it is a precious resource. I think that there is a lot of global water scarcity, and in the UK, we are particularly privileged to have relatively easy access to clean, safe water.

For the customers we work with, water goes beyond domestic use and is used as a tool or an ingredient. In those areas specifically, it is essential to refocus on water’s use, water’s reuse, and optimise the processes that use water.

HX News: How can organisations improve their efficient use of water?

Dave Norman: I think the first step in the process is to understand what the water usage is. And then to identify where there might be water wastage or a process that is not using water to its full potential.

For instance, if we are looking at water as an energy transfer medium, there might be inefficiencies in heat transfer that can be improved. There might be a process that wastes water, where water is going to the drain but could be used or reused.

HX News: Thank you very much for your time and insight.

Dave Norman: Thanks for having me.