Installation of Home Electric Chargers

A big part of our business is helping customers reduce the amount of resources that are wasted and helping them become more sustainable. This is also something that we implement at our offices too so we can limit the impact our business has on the environment. Our latest measure to help us become even more efficient is to install electric car charging points at the homes of our employees to make running an electric vehicle even more convenient.

Although we already have electric charging points at our offices, a lot of our staff spend time travelling to various sites around the country and may not be able to spend time in the office waiting for their vehicle to charge. The charging points that will be installed allow our employees to carry out their roles as normal, while in the knowledge that they are doing their part to help reduce their carbon footprint as well as the company’s.

To ensure our employees don’t get a shock when their latest electric bill comes through the letterbox, we’ve worked hard to find the right supplier that can support our employees. The charging points that are being installed have several ingenious features such as scheduling car charging when it is cheapest and auto power balancing to safely manage the electrical load within their homes. The company also have over 5,000 public charging bays that can be used when our team are out on the road.

The charging points are just one of many measures that we have implemented in our offices around the country. To further show our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we recently gained the ISO14001:2015 accreditation. This is part of an international set of standards and extends beyond the basic rules and regulations that businesses must adhere to and helps to show that our workplaces are more environmentally friendly.

Whilst this is good news for the business, we also want to set an example to our employees to encourage them to be more environmentally aware both in the offices and at home so we can all help to reduce our emissions and wastage.

These car charging points are the first of a number of changes that we are looking to implement as we continually evaluate ways to continue to work towards our CSR goals and limit our damage to the environment around us.

The measures we are implementing are not only of a benefit to Hydro-X, but can also be of benefit to the customers we work with. In addition to helping businesses recycle their resources to save them money and enhance their compliance measures, resulting in plant longevity. In helping businesses to reduce, water, energy, and CO2 emissions we can provide a service that goes beyond just the price of the products and service but allows companies to enhance their green credentials as well.

Home electric car charging point
Home electric car charging point