ISO Impact

It’s been a very busy few months for our Health and Safety team as they’ve been getting the group of businesses ready for the ISO14001 and the ISO45001 audits, but this hard work has paid off as Hydro-X Group recently received the accreditations on our first attempt with zero non-conformances!

The ISO14001 certification is part of an international set of standards that will help us to use our resources more efficiently, as well as minimize our negative impact on the environment. This standard goes much further than the basic rules and regulations that are already in place to ensure that Hydro-X can be a more environmentally friendly place to work.

The ISO45001 certification focuses on occupational health and safety. Although we have nearly 3,000 days RIDDOR free, the additional requirements that are necessary with this certificate mean that Hydro-X will be an even safer place to work. Not only does it help to prioritise the physical health and safety of our employees, through an improvement in hazard identification and risk assessment, but it also focuses on their mental wellbeing.

Introducing these additional health and safety measures increases peace of mind to all our employees to ensure they can do their job safely and to the best of their ability. On top of this, they can have the pride that they are working for an environmentally responsible company.

The ISO 45001 and ISO14001 will allow us to align and synergise with our customers and prospects environmental and health and safety goals. For the clients that we already work with, we can help them to meet their CSR targets by supporting them with environmental and water saving projects. The ISOs ensure we will provide operational colleagues that are always working on their continual professional development to deliver a first rate service. This further reduces the chances of them having an accident on site which will result in less downtime for the client.

If you’re interested in working with a business that takes their environmental impact and Health and safety measures increasingly serious or looking to work with more of our businesses, take a look around our website to see what we can offer or contact us to see how we can help.