Janine Melisse making her move from hydro-x business support to operations

Janine Melisse – Water Technician – Hydro-X Water Operations

Highlighting some of the team who continue to make a difference!

Please could you introduce yourself and your job role at Hydro-X?

I am Janine Melisse and I have recently moved over from the Accounts team to Water Operations! My role within the team is Water Technician and I am currently getting out visiting many different sites and learning all the different types of services we offer from checking water system, TMV’s and taking samples etc. As I progress through the role, I am looking forward to carrying out disinfections, tank cleans and other technical tasks.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

My favourite part of the role is getting out and meeting different people and getting to know our customers. So far I am really enjoying my new role.

What would you say to women looking to join the Hydro-X Operation Teams?

There were many factors driving me towards a role in the operations team, mainly because I am an active, friendly person and I like to see the customers face to face. I’d encourage anyone to join the operations team, they are very supportive and all the team members have been very helpful, giving advice whenever I needed it.

Do you feel you have the necessary support and resources to help you as an individual succeed in your role?

When I mentioned that I wanted to make this career change Hydro-X were really supportive in helping me move over to my new role from both sides of the business. I have had lots of 1-2-1’s along with supervised training and plenty of internal and external training as well!

Finally which women inspire you most?

The woman that inspires me most is my mother because she is strong, kind and resilient.

What is your proudest moment at Hydro-X?

My proudest moment at Hydro-X is making the career move from the Business Support team to the Water Operations team this year! This is because I wanted to challenge myself and set my own goals.