Fire Report At Norbury Takeaway

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Essential Ingredients For A Well Maintained Kitchen

Cleanliness and fire safety are both essential ingredients of every well-managed kitchen. This is further highlighted by another fire incident at a takeaway in Norbury caused by grease igniting within the extraction system.

A report from the London Fire Brigade highlights that ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters tackled a fire at a takeaway restaurant. The takeaway also occupied flats above on London Road in Norbury.

The takeaway’s ground floor suffered fire damage, and the ducting connecting the ground floor to the property’s roof was ruined. Approximately 26 individuals were evacuated by firefighters, but no injuries were reported. The fire was deemed accidental.

A Timely Reminder

This is a timely reminder to have ducting in your extraction system cleaned regularly. More-over, grease, cooking oil and other deposits that build up over time, can act as a potential ignition source. On top of this, you should be ensuring that your ducting is correctly installed.

Spokesperson from London Fire Brigade said “We’d like to remind restaurant and takeaway owners to ensure they don’t have dirty ducting. If you don’t clean the ducting in your extraction system regularly, you’re at a greater risk of ducting fires.”

Is Your Kitchen Compliant?

As of April 2006, failure to maintain systems to prevent fire risk became a punishable offence. If a poorly maintained system leads to personal injury or death due to fire, the operator and/or responsible person may face charges of corporate liability or manslaughter. This comes under section 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning Solutions

Hydro-X Air offer expert kitchen extract duct cleaning services that help to reduce your worries as we support you with your fire safety compliance obligations. Our regular cleaning programs remove grease and cooking oil deposits, reducing the risk of fire.

So, whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or any building with catering facilities, we can customise our service to meet your needs. Our cleaning frequencies range from weekly to annual maintenance. On top of this, the cleaning frequency is crucial for effective maintenance.

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